Isn't it awesome when a social media phenomenon is presented as a Infographic?

We present the #Linfographic, documenting the #linsanity around Jeremy Lin.

Sports Geek Update

A great story about this infographic, after we blogged about it after finding it at Infographics World.  It has completely blown up on Pinterest – check out the Linsanity board

We connected Justin at Infographics World just to say thanks & get some more info on getting more cool sports infographics developed.

Additionally we knew Jonah Ballow (@jonahballow) was in the middle of Linsanity (we worked with Jonah at the Timberwolves) so we made sure he knew about the Linfographic.

Justin chimed in to offer

And in a few hours time it was up on

After all the tweets & emails finished it was good to connect Justin & Jonah and find out Justin is a Knicks season ticket holder!

Just shows our motto “connecting sports, fans & sponsors using technology” is alive and well as it took Sports Geek in Melbourne Australia to connect the New York Knicks with a talented infographic artist who is based in New York & a huge Knicks fan.

Definitely demonstrates that the sports digital world is a small world after all & the sports digital revolution is definitely upon us! Congrats to Justin, you can now find the #Linfographic on ESPN as well our friends at SportsNetworker.

If you haven't seen it by now here it is…

The Journey of Jeremy Lin
Source: Infographic World

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