You've probably all heard of Vine by now, the video-sharing app which was released last week by Twitter which lets users record and share 6-second looping video clips. It gives the option to either record 6 chronological seconds of video or tap-record, to create an animated gif-like looping video.

The introduction of Vine could be great for the sports industry. It offers great creativity for making video content and on the native iPhone Twitter app, users can watch a posted Vine video in the Twitter card without leaving the app, which makes watching easy.

Vine includes hashtags like Twitter, to allow users to easily tag and categorise their Vines, as well as having geolocation capabilities, which offers fans and teams the abilities to tag their videos with locations. It could be a great way to give insights into the behind the scenes nature of sporting organisations as well as for fans to geotag their videos from arenas and stadiums around the world.

Here's the very first Sports Geek Vine:


Sports Teams using Vine

Here's a quick list of some teams that are currently posting Vine videos



Phoenix Suns


Houston Texans


Australian Open


Adelaide Crows


Melbourne Victory


Brooklyn Nets

Oklahoma City Thunder

Manchester City


Seattle Seahawks

New York Jets


Dallas Stars


Central Coast Mariners


Nottingham Forest FC

Milwaukee Bucks



Rangers FC


Southampton FC


Teams on Vine without posting

As it currently stands, there are quite a few teams on Vine that have registered but are yet to post. Amongst these teams, the Boston Celtics, New York Giants, Melbourne Storm, Collingwood Football Club and Sporting KC are registered, as well as recent Twitterer Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

We're eagerly awaiting their first Vines, as well as the rest of the sporting world to sign up and start posting clips.

Tips for Teams using Vine

A quick list of tip for sports teams on using Vine.

  • Handles: As it stands, Vine users don't have handles like on Twitter, but as handles are great identifiers for accounts, it would make sense for Vine to put this into action eventually, so linking the official team Twitter account with the Vine account will help when handles start being claimed.
  • Hashtags are still important: Hashtags are important on Vine just as they're important on Twitter, so start tagging your Vines with the official team hashtags and encouraging fans to do so too, if they are making team-specific videos.
  • Geolocation tagging: Vine offers geolocation tagging, so tagging your location of the video, specifically at arenas and stadiums, will be a great way to get fans to share some good Vine videos and makes them easy to locate.
  • Audio capabilities: Vine videos have motion and audio, so that is something to be aware of when filming. Anything said in close proximity to the phone being used to film the video will end up on the video.
  • Fan interaction: Just like favouriting and other fan interaction techniques on Twitter, Vine offers similar methods to engage with fans. It's easy to search for your hashtag appearing on videos as well as geotagged posts from a stadium or arena and simply liking the fan-made video and/or following them.

To find Vine videos, you can see them being posted in real time at Vinepeek or searching specific hashtags at Vine Roulette. So, there we have it for our first post on Vine. Thanks to Sean Walsh of Digital Football for inspiring our teams on Vine list and Vine Tips after he produced a nice piece of football teams on Vine.

Have you seen some more sports teams or athletes registered for and using Vine? Join Vine now and let us know in the comments.