Social media provides brands with a terrific way to engage and listen to your fans & customers. Many sports teams and brands have had success running Twitter promotions using hashtags with varying success.

As they say “Timing is everything”, unfortunately for Qantas a simple tweet has backfired terribly.

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When hashtags go wrong 😉 #highjacked RT @QantasAirways: Tell us ‘What is your dream luxury inflight experience?' #QantasLuxury.Tue Nov 22 01:02:47 via Tweetbot for iPhone

Have a look at what is being said right now

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We've saved some of the best from Twitter Search, but it looks like it might stay for a while…
When hashtags go wrong...

Not forgetting the Fail Whale adaptation from @kellulz
 Dear @QantasAirways Here is a picture that best describes #Q... on Twitpic