The first foursquare swarm badge in Melbourne was achieved via a sports event at #anzacswarm (Swarm achieved – Connecting sports fans at the G)

Will this Friday's clash between Collingwood & Geelong see a Super Swarm badge awarded (250 check-ins required)?

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a new location based social networking tool available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm or other mobile devices.  It allows people to “check-in” to venues they frequent like cafes, bars & restaurants.  These check-ins are reported back to your friends via Facebook & Twitter.  It also has a fun game element where you collect badges for check-ins, these include Swarm Badge, I'm On a Boat Badge, School Night Badge and Local Badge. 

Here is why it will happen

The MCG is the mecca for sports and it seems for foursquare checkins, it will top 5000 check-ins by the end of the AFL Finals series.

Since the success of #anzacswarm it has been the place to go to get a swarm badge with more AFL fans check-in each week.

If you're on Foursquare watch the MCG closely as it will be trending from about 6pm.

You need to be within 500 metres of the MCG to collect the badge so no cheating!  (You can check-in but Foursquare won't count it)

Sports Geek Tip: Swarms are counted over 2 hours so make sure you check in near the start of the game.  6-8pm will be Super Swarm time!

If the Super Swarm goes off you'll know as you'll see a tweet on the big screen as the @AFL & @MCG_News have been showing tweets at games.

Check out the MCG's Foursquare page.

Not on Foursquare yet?  Here is the Sports Geek guide to getting on Foursquare.  You'll be one of the lucky ones to get a Newbie badge & Super Swarm badge on first check-in.

Foursquare for Sports Fans – A Quick Guide

1. Sign up at

2. Setup your profile – Add an avatar.  Privacy Tip: You may want to hide your phone number & email as they will be automatically shared with your contacts.

3. Link your account to Twitter & Facebook so you can share and connect with your Twitter friends & Facebook friends.

4. Download the Foursquare application now available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm or other mobile devices.

5. Check in at sporting venues like the MCG or Madison Square Garden. Don’t forget to show your team pride with a shoutout to your team.

6. Connect with other fans at the game, tweet them & say hello.

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