When we last looked at Pinterest and how sports teams were using that space, you can probably recall that Major League Baseball were the stars of the show. They had a number of their pins and teams featuring in the article, like the New York Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Well, the MLB are at it again. With Mother's Day just around the corner, MLB have created a Mother's Day Pinterest Contest, where fans can win MLB gear from their online shop by pinning items to custom made “MLB Mother's Day” boards and repinning this image below onto the board.

Source: mlb.mlb.com viaDion on Pinterest


The creation of the Pinterest competition for Mother's Day is a great initiative that engages fans, drives traffic to the online store and makes the MLB noteworthy within a growing social media space like Pinterest. Like the Boston Celtics, who are also utilising the Pinterest space for competitions, the MLB is starting to create a great image for itself on Pinterest and will be looked at as the world leader in sports utilising the Pinterest sphere.

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