We all know the story that Shaq launched Tout by retiring from the NBA with a tweet.

Well today as Ricky Ponting's press conference started it appears the former Test captain did the same, unfortunately Ricky didn't follow the same script.

What happened?

As the press conference started @CricketAus tweeted the following “Ricky Ponting has retired from one-day international cricket, effective immediately.” The problem is that Ricky didn't back up that tweet in his press conference merely explaining he was dropped & would continue playing Test cricket.

Cricket Australia then deleted the tweet in which fans listening to the press conference had already retweeted the original like this.

New RT Vs Old RT

If you use Twitter RT instead of “old-style” RT above your RT will be deleted with the author deletes the tweet.

Announcement take 2

Cricket Australia replaced the original “retired” tweet with this.

For more info go to Cricket Australia website to leave a message of support to Ricky.

What should have happened?

First rule of press conferences if you don't know what will be said then don't tweet before it's been said.  Yes speed to tweet is important for breaking new on Twitter but it doesn't override correctness.

Planning before the press conference should have taken place to prepare tweets & potentially hashtags.  If the outcome of the press conference is unknown then have two sets of tweets ready to go.

Don't delete tweets, simply admit mistakes & move on.  Fans & the media will make the issue bigger than it is and everyone loves a conspiracy theory in sports.  Tweets have a short shelf life if you quickly correct your mistake it will soon be forgotten focus on delivering facts & fan engagement.

With such a big announcement (or in this case non-announcement) there should have been one or two pictures from the press conference.

On Facebook an image should have been ready to be posted so fans could share, like & comment to show their support.

What are your thoughts on how press conferences should be covered in a social media age?