If you haven't heard by now there is new player in social networking it is geo-locational social networks like Foursquare & Gowalla.  You may have seen tweets & Facebook updates from friends stating where they are to know that it is growing in popularity.

Another way to register the growth of a new technology is the by blog posts on the topic, look at what I found as I started to write this article just from the last few weeks:

I agree the sports marketing opportunities with geo-location social networks is very exciting but what I like is the ability to connect your fans.  After all,  the Sports Geek mantra is “Connecting sports, fans & sponsors using technology” these technologies help your fans connect.   Allowing sports fans who love these platforms connect can only result in big wins for the sporting teams involved.  Connected & active fans are the most valuable online fans as they give sports team the ability to crowd source your promotions with retweets or likes.  I'm in the Foursquare camp so here's a quick guide.

Foursquare for Sports Fans – A Quick Guide

1. Sign up at Foursquare.com

2. Setup your profile – Add an avatar.  Privacy Tip: You may want to hide your phone number & email as they will be automatically shared with your contacts.

3. Link your account to Twitter & Facebook so you can share and connect with your Twitter friends & Facebook friends.

4. Download the Foursquare application now available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm or other mobile devices.

5. Check in at sporting venues like the MCG or Madison Square Garden. Don't forget to show your team pride with a shoutout to your team.

6. Connect with other fans at the game, tweet them & say hello.

Sports Geek Do's & Don'ts

DO check-in at sports venues, restaurants, bars & cafes.

DO NOT check in at non-venues like tram stops, stadium sections or individual seats.

DO share via Twitter & Facebook some of the time when it is meaningful.  Why not all the time? Go to PleaseRobMe.com to find out why not…

DO NOT check-in at home or other places where it can get stalkery e.g. Depositing weekly funds at bank.

DO tell your friends to get on Foursquare nothing better than finding a friend is just down the road when you're out and about.

DO NOT get caught up in the points & mayorships and check-in EVERYWHERE.

DO have fun with it!

Many people in Melbourne are waiting to see when the Swarm badge (50 people checked in to same venue) will be awarded.

My tip will be at an AFL game this season, so start checking in!

Please send me a foursquare friend request via my foursquare page.

Will you be at Collingwood Vs Essendon on ANZAC day? Join in the fun and RSVP to Get Swarm Badge at MCG on ANZAC day event