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Caught up with Daniel Harford (AKA @HarfSerious) on Harf Time on 1116 SEN to continue his journey into the sports digital world.

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We discussed the importance of using pictures in on your Facebook fan page & to draw attention to your posts as well as tagging posts correctly.

If you are on Facebook you need to remember the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

After our segment Harf posted this picture from the Select Australia AFL Champions cards set, check out their new Facebook Timeline we just launched.

Next time we'll talk to Harf about the important of the size of photos to optimise for Facebook mobile.

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Podcast transcription

HARF: Sean Callanan’s in the house. He’s our social media guru. You can follow him at @sportsgeekhq on just about every platform, I think. It gets confusing…

SEAN: Try to; there are new platforms all the time.

HARF: Good day, Sean.

SEAN: Good day.

HARF: What’s doing?

SEAN: Lots actually. Obviously the AFL season is kicking off. Round one kicks off tomorrow. No one really acknowledges this back in Sydney much.

HARF: __ got cut wasn’t he?

SEAN: Exactly, exactly, so…we’re looking forward to Thursday and then Friday night where my Pies take on your Hawks.

HARF: Yes, well, what’s your take on that? Have you got any chance you’ll make Pies.

SEAN: I always got a chance. I think they’re ready to rock and roll, waiting for their serious stuff.

HARF: No you don’t.

SEAN: Oh, I think my man @sp_10 is getting ready to rip it apart.

HARF: Now for those who don’t know Sean came in a couple of weeks ago and set up the Harf Time Facebook fan page. You can go to that and you can like that like plenty others have along the journey. I’m trying to get good at it, but I think I’m a long way from being a sports geek star.

SEAN: Yeah, you’re still in preseason mode.

HARF: I’ve got my L plates on well and truly with this social thing.

SEAN: You’re doing well. You’re doing a bit of the preview of the show and asking the fans what they think. But what we’ve got to do is I think we need a bit more color. I don’t want to sound like an interior design ad guru…

HARF: Color, color, color?! What sort of color you want.

SEAN: But we want to be a few photos. They want to see what’s happening in the glamorous studios of SEN and the guests that come in, in their different attire. So when you have someone in have a photo or share a few videos and things that are happening about the place.

HARF: We had the guys of Orsom in yesterday. He came in for the International Comedy Festival, could have had a photo then.
Jumper Leeds is sleeping. My man at the back, my new man at the back, he’s sleeping. He doesn’t have the all front camera out when…

SEAN: Well maybe he’s back in the ‘80s. He’s not even on Facebook. The Jumper’s got at least…

HARF: The Jumper’s not on Facebook?

SEAN: He’s not on Facebook at all. He’s got to lift his game completely. 800 million people on Facebook but not Jumper Leeds.

HARF: How many in Australia are on Facebook.

SEAN: Around a bit of a nearly 11 million now, so apparently, again, if you believe the figures there’s more people on Facebook than watch telly, so that’s a lot of people.

HARF: It is a lot of people, and if you’re a Facebook person out there and you like the Harf Time fan page, what do you want on the page? Just throw it out there.

SEAN: Well what you’ve probably got to do is put that question on Facebook.

HARF: Ah, hahaha, *laughter* This is the thing. I got so many avenues to discuss.

SEAN: I mean we don’t have the problem we had last time with the question that went a bit awry. When you put up the first post. That was quite famous, Harf, when we put up the…

HARF: But that was good.

SEAN: What was the famous sporting moustackas and congratulations to Rita. Did she get a trophy for winning that?


SEAN: Was your mom disappointed for coming second?

HARF: **laughter**

SEAN: Is the other thing.

HARF: Mom was a bit—she had it that she didn’t win the title there. But Rita was very proud of that moustacka, sporting moustacka title.

SEAN: So when we do a post there’s a couple of things that we can do and so especially when you’re doing the preview of the show, so in today’s you mentioned Joel Selwood from Geelong, you mentioned Kobes. I don’t know if Kobes is on Facebook, and you mentioned me and you mentioned Drewy.

HARF: Katie coming in from the out…

SEAN: He’s on Twitter. He’s mad on Twitter but he’s not on Facebook. But what you can do is start tagging, sort of mentions like in Twitter where you say , ‘Hey, I’m going to the coffee shop.’ And someone goes, ‘Hey, get me a coffee, as well.’ So that’s how you get your coffee. So you can do the same thing in Facebook.
You can be say chatting to Sean from @sportsgeek because you like Sports Geek on Facebook. It comes up in a little drop down, and you can click it.

HARF: Click on that and it’ll give you a link.

SEAN: Yeah, and then Harf Time fans can come across and say hello to Sports Geek or they can come across and say ‘hello’ to Geelong footy club or the Victory or the Storm as your sort of talking about them. The main thing is to be tagging the right pages, only the official pages, and sort of being a bit of a leader in the social media space, hopefully by the end of the season.

HARF: Well I’m far from a leader at the moment, but I’m happy to learn and I’m a good learner, but Tony Carlton has got the sentiments of a few of my listeners out there in SEN land who’ve tried to jump on the Facebook page and like it. They can’t find it! Why can’t they find it?!

SEAN: They can’t find it?

HARF: Tony Carlton, “Stick your fan page, Harf,” he said, “I’ll be stumped if I can get on to it, so again, stick it.” I don’t want that from Tony. He’s a good man.

SEAN: Exactly, so they’re probably doing it on the mobile and so we’ve put it in as two words, haven’t we, Harf? Is it Harf space Time.

HARF: Yes it is.

SEAN: So if you do that in the Facebook mobile, if you type in Harf space Time you’ll find it, but if you’re on your computer, if you’re at your desk right now,, all one word and you’ll find it.

HARF: All one word on the computer, two words on the mobile devices.

SEAN: Yep, got to keep it simple.

HARF: Right!

SEAN: Oh, look here we got big Drewy pointing at us. Another man not on Facebook.

HARF: Well what’s he doing? I mean he’s a business entrepreneur. Surely entrepreneurs need to be on Facebook.
SEAN: Yes, exactly. Imagine how big he would have been on Facebook back in early ‘90s. Imagine we can give a bit of a timeline of Drewy and pictures of him with his head all taped up mummy style.

HARF: That’d be awesome.

SEAN: Very good day, so yeah, the main thing is get more color into that timeline as they’re happening. One example here, I’ll give you some footy cards. Some of the guys from…

HARF: Oh, the 2012 champions, AFL Official Collector Cards.

SEAN: From Select, so if you go to select Australia you’ll see them. We’re going to launch their timeline tomorrow for the start of the season, and that way she is going to is profile some of the old cards, so what I might do is sneak in a couple of big shots. When was your best year? When was your best year from a profile point of view?

HARF: That’s hard to tell; there are so many.

SEAN: So many?! (Harf is laughing because of the sarcasm) I mean I can bring up all the cards. I actually might share some on the Harf Time page if you want.

HARF: No don’t do that. There’s a couple of shockers, absolute buried shockers. Well, my card in __ is a good one.

SEAN: Yeah? So did you get a special one there?


SEAN: What’s the silver one you’ve got.

HARF: It’s a silver Nathan Foley, my little man.

SEAN: And so the thing is with the new cards is you’ve got the silver on the front, the sticker on the front, and you see that it’s the Bulldogs on the back. So if you peel the Nathan Foley off the front, there’ll be a Bulldog underneath that. So it’s a peel of a deal.

HARF: Wow wee! All a part of the new 2012 Champions official AFL club cards from Select.

SEAN: So you can take a picture of those cards, tag select Australia and put it up on a post.

HARF: Right, I’m learning as we go here. That’s outstanding from you, Sean. I look forward to catching up with you very soon.