Why do we need Facebook Fan Page Friday?

As Facebook grows so does the usage of Fan Pages.  I wanted a way for people to share what Fan Pages they liked so Fan Pages providing great content or services or interaction will be rewarded with more fans.  Unfortunately many Fan Pages on Facebook provide very little value.  It has become harder for Facebook users to find great Fan Pages.  The idea has been adapted from the popular #FollowFriday meme on Twitter.

How does Facebook Fan Page Friday work?

I don't want to put down too many rules so here is how it works.

Become a fan of Facebook Fan Page Friday so people know about it! 

[Sports Geek Note: I got some valid feedback regarding this step.   You do not have to become a fan of Fan Page Friday to play, it is completely optional.  The driver is to share great info it is NOT get fans, but hey if you're a fan of the idea by all means]

Click Share on your fave Facebook Fan PageEvery Friday pick a Fan Page you like and click the Share + button.  It's at the bottom of the left column of the Fan Page, unfortunately Facebook do a great job of hiding it.

Make a post to your profile like below:
My @Fan Page Friday is [name of page] because [reason].

Here's how I would Fan Page Friday for Mashable

If you the @ before typing Fan Page Friday it links back to the page.  You can use that to refer to any person or Fan Page on Facebook.  Additionally the Fan Page you select will get a nice wall post from your reference.

That's your challenge for this Friday, share with your Facebook friends a Fan Page that you think is awesome and tell them why!  Social media is all about sharing.

Do you run a Fan Page?

If you run your own Fan Page what about sharing the love for another Fan Page with your Fans?  Same concept share with your fans another Fan Page they may like or complements your Fan Page.   You can also keep your recommendation permanent by adding them to your favorite pages list on your fan page.

It's all karma people… share the love.

I'm very interested in seeing how or even if this concept takes off.  I leave it your very capable hands…

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