Facebook changed the rules.... againFacebook are rolling out some changes to how your see you Facebook feed.

This video from Facebook explains it all or at least gives you the Facebook spin on things.  From News feeds, updated lists & the new Facebook Ticker.

What does this mean for sports teams?

Keep providing engaging content!  As discussed earlier, avoid using third party applications to post to Facebook.  If you're fan were engaged before these changes then your stories will be marked as Top Stories already.  Now fans have the power to tune out your posts so monitor you likes & impressions closely.

Now more than ever you want to give your fans a reason to check out your Fan page rather than relying on your Facebook feed.   Have you “pimped out” your Facebook fan page with some added extras to entice them to check out your page?    Look at the West Coast Eagles Facebook page it is full of added extras helped along by eager fans using The Swoop built on Sports DP platform to like, comment & share West Coast Eagles content on Facebook.

What do you think of the Facebook Feed changes?