Well done to the New Zealand All-Black's activation with NZ Telecom.

Firstly they have set up a separate Twitter handle to show their support for the @AllBlacks called @BackingBlack

BREAKING NEWS: #AllBlacks make major announcement to fans. http://t.co/MhDZAUJMThu Oct 13 04:56:15 via web


Which sent you here – http://www.allblacksconference.co.nz/….

All- Blacks Press Conference - Start

Welcome to All-Blacks Press Conference

Which prompts you to login in with Facebook to proceed, normally these are email collection mechanism but as you can see no access to your email in the Facebook request. (Please feel free to subscribe to my Facebook updates)

This will be be much slicker with the next version of Facebook permissions & frictionless sharing!

Facebook Integration access

Then it starts to load…

The anticipation....

Then you see how they have cleverly integrated your Facebook profile with the All-Black's announcing of their number 1 fan.

OMG I am the number 1 fan! I'm sure the Wallabies are devastated!

Important to close with a STRONG call to action, in this case keep sharing!

Good Work by Telecom NZ & All-Blacks

And one final tweet to maximise the sponsor involvement…
.bbpBox{background:url(http://a2.twimg.com/profile_background_images/283498158/twitter.png) #004860;padding:20px;}

In case you missed it yesterday, the All Blacks have some major news for you: http://t.co/igbiBJqD @backingblack ^RIThu Oct 13 22:59:24 via CoTweet

Check it out – http://www.allblacksconference.co.nz/

Did you like this use of Facebook integration?