Bo Moon and Bob Morgan on Sports Data Panel at #SPortsConfBig thanks to my panelists for making it worth my while getting up at 5am in Melbourne especially in this heat.  Here is a special edition of Sports Geek Podcast with a replay of my Sports Data and Sports Gaming panels.

On this podcast you’ll learn about:

  • Growth of sports statistics industry
  • Insatiable appetite fans have for more stats
  • How sports fans and broadcasters are delivering more data to fans
  • How athletes are connecting with fans via gaming
  • How fantasy sports market continues to grow
  • How sports are embracing building their own games

Please connect with the panelists I will again on a future Sports Geek Podcast that is for sure.

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#SportsConf replay

#SportsData panel at #SportsConf

#SportsGaming panel at #SportsConf

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Over 10 hours of content here, enjoy.

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