Sports Geek says Snapchat is not worth the effortCricket takes the headlines again this week but unfortunately for the wrong reasons with a poor tweet offending Indian cricket fans.  We chat with Francis Leach on ABC Grandstand about that tweet and what options teams have when advertising on social media.  We look back at the Year that was on Facebook & Twitter.  I explain why Snapchat is not the right platform for sports and why you shouldn't bother with it.

On this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • Steps you should take to avoid social media mistakes
  • What ad options may work for your team
  • How Facebook and Twitter thought 2013 went
  • Why Snapchat is not the right platform for sports
  • Why return on effort is super important

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Resources from the episode

Key Facebook Topics for 2013

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Closing 2 Cents

Snapchat not worth it for sports

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