Sports Geek Podcast featuring interviews with sports marketing and technology professionalsIn this Sports Geek Podcast we chat to Dan Harbison who has left the sports industry after several years leading the digital efforts of the Portland Trailblazers to take up a new role as head of New Media at Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas we chat with Dan on ABC Grandstand.  On Harf Time we look at ticketing campaigns and promotions gone wrong and with A-League kicking off we take you behind the scenes at season launch and the Power The Game activation to rally fans support online.

More specifically, in this podcast you’ll find out about:

  • How you can look at industries outside sports for best practice
  • What Dan learned moving from role at Portland Trailblazers to Caesars Entertainment
  • Importance of developing brand ambassadors outside sports
  • Why Pinterest is a tough fit in sports but works for travel business
  • Why less is more when posting on social media
  • How Caesars are developing of loyalty programs based on digital actions of patrons
  • Learn more about the A-League You Power The Game campaign
  • Why the Power The Game mini site was developed with Carter Digital
  • Learn about mistakes made with ticketing campaigns so you don't make them
  • What does “papering the house” means?


Dan Harbison speaking at sports conference in 2010Resources from the episode

Check out the A-League Power The Game TVC

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