Sean Callanan chats with Cassandra Heilbronn about her career in sports law and what sponsorship executives need to know about sponsorship agreements.

On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Cassandra Heilbronn manages to combine her passion for sports with her career as a lawyer
  • Why sponsorship agreements are needed
  • What are player image rights
  • How do the reputation clauses work
  • How are contracts evolving as sponsorship moves to “paid on success” models
Learn more about sports law and sponsorship with Cassandra Heilbronn

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The quote we loved from the podcast

Everything in sports comes down to education no matter what the topic is.

Cassandra Heilbronn

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About Cassandra Heilbronn

Cassandra Heilbronn have always wanted to be a lawyer but on the other hand she also loved sports and wanted to be an elite athlete. As she chose her sport, which was hockey, she realised there were some limitations for her to pursue the sport on a higher level. This made her decide to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Luckily, when she became a lawyer, the first firm she joined was involved in sports. That started her career in sports law. She was able to pursue her love for sports at the same time incorporate the laws that goes within it.

A few years later, Cas joined Minter Ellison an international law firm that is regarded as one of the Asia-Pacific's premier law firms. Here, was able to continue her practice focusing on sports and insurance. She is also able to continue her advocacy to fight for gender equality.

Cas was a former President of the Women Lawyers Association of Queensland and is a well known speaker and panelist in events such as the Money in Sport Conference. She was also named Top 20 under 40 in the 2017 Queensland Business Monthly list.

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Highlights from podcast with Cassandra Heilbronn

4:38 Cassandra Heilbronn on pursuing her passion for law and sports

6:57 What sports marketers should understand from the legal side

8:56 Where does sports as a general rule is falling over in apparel deals

9:47 What is the indemnity clause and why parts of it should not be changed

11:23 How does a contract get terminated

14:31 How does a sports lawyer differs from a general commercial lawyer

16:17 What you need to know about player image rights

22:36 Cassandra on drafting moral or reputational clauses

30:12 How are sponsorship agreements changing to cater to “paid on success” models

37:08 Why changing terms in contracts or agreements is fine

39:34 The importance of building good relationships with clients

43:21 Sports Geek Closing Five

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