Sean catches up with Adam Martin, founder of Makers of Sport. In this special crossover episode you will hear from both Sean and Adam on both side of the interview desk. On this podcast you'll learn about:

  • How Adam started Makers of Sport and his passion for podcasting
  • How sports design is more than just logos
  • Why the demand for sports design is greater than ever
  • How Adam has grown his network in sports design via podcasting
  • What skills has podcasting helped Adam develop
  • Why the brand story in sports is so important
  • How Sean explains a crossover episode very differently to Adam
Adam Martin from Makers of Sport on this special crossover episode

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The complexity of sports brands

The new generation of creatives


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Excellent advice!!

in iTunes by StrengthsMomma from USA on July 13, 2016

Sean's combo of passions for sports, communication, and technology are perfect. He makes it easy to understand. Love it! (And his accent doesn't hurt 😉 ) On my favs list!

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