With the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympic Games drawing ever closer, here are the top 10 tweets from Week 2 of the Games. Just like the top 10 tweets from pool side, the only qualifying criteria is good tweets. Enjoy.

1 – Eric Shanteau (@Shanteau)

Shanteau is one of the most inspirational men in sports. After having to miss the Beijing Games due to being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Eric finally achieved his dream of winning Olympic gold in London. What an inspirational story of perseverance.


2 – NYT Olympics Live (@LondonLive)

Want to see how fast Usain Bolt is in comparison to every other 100m medals from the Games? Here's your chance. Just click on the link in the tweet to watch a sweet film on Bolt and all medalists from throughout history.


3 – Matthew Mitcham (@matthew_mitcham)

All you can say about this tweet from Mitcham is that the man loves Vegemite.


4 – Canadian Moose (@CDNOlympicMoose)

We all know the Olympic Village is all about having fun these days, but come on, who steals the ears off a mascot moose?!


5 – Nick Symmonds (@NickSymmonds)

American runner Nick Symmonds strikes me as a pretty chill dude who just handles his business.


6 – Candace Parker (@Candace_Parker)

US women's basketball superstar Candace Parker poses a pretty good question here to her 140,000+ followers. I think, from the NBA, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James would be my choices.

7 – Oscar Pistorious (@OscarPistorius)

I'm an unashamed Pistorious fan. He is just flat out inspirational.


8 – Matthew Mitcham (@matthew_mitcham)

Nick D'Arcy got dragged across hot coals just for doing what countless people on holidays do (even though the AOC has recently lightened it's restrictions on D'Arcy and teammate, Kenrick Monk). Imagine what the AOC would do to Mitcham if he did this?


9 – Asafa Powell (@officialasafa)

Going down injured in his last Games probably isn't the way Asafa planned it, but at least the Godfather of Jamaican sprinting was humble in the end.


10 – Kevin Love (@kevinlove)

Kevin has been a mainstay throughout these Olympic updates, mainly due to his great Instagramming. Sweet look, Kevin.

That's it from us for now, guys. What's been your favourite tweet so far from #London2012?