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Day 15 – Competition

Some of the top social media moments of these Olympics

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How one person has dealt with live results on Twitter

Australia rates 5 in the social Olympics

How social media has revolutionised these Olympics

Social media to be scrutinized as part of Team GB swim team review

Social Olympics: Does the Gold Medal Go To Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

10 zany stories from the games

Which Sponsors Are Winning—And Losing—The Games?

How Instagram is Winning Gold at the 2012 Olympics

Twitter Medals – Day 15

Bronze Medal – Matthew Mitcham

Giving us some insight

Silver Medal – Peter Smith

A reminder how well the UK have done these Olympics

Gold Medal – Kelly Sotherton

We couldn't agree more!

#digifail Medal – Justin Kelly

Another tweet we agree with!

Instagram Of The Day

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From Google+

Muchas felicidades! Mexico win Olympic gold defeating Brazil 2-1 in the men’s Football final with two goals by Oribe Peralta

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