Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed

Day 7 – Competition

US high jumper Brigetta Barrett writes an open letter about Rule 40

Is social media ruining the Olympics which side of the debate do you sit on?

How social media has been embraced these Olympics

Twitter outrage about Gabby Douglas' Hair

How are mobile networks coping with the high levels of usage during the games

How real time access is putting the Olympics at our fingertips

Huffington Post's Olympic Medal Count Map: London 2012 Totals By Country, Population, Wealth

Twitter Medals – Day 7

Bronze Medal – Kookaburras

Celebrating Jamie Dwyers goal scoring record.

Silver Medal – Elizabeth Cambage

Great to see how excited she was about her slam dunk

Gold Medal – Tyler Clary

We loved him tweeting what he was going through in the final

#digifail Medal – Heather Collart

Not quite fail but a bit of a laugh it's Ryan Lochte says

Thanks to @sportsgrid I was just introed to an AMAZING website called “Ryan Lochte Says” … This. Is. A.

— Heather Joy Collart (@HevCollart) August 3, 2012

Instagram Of The Day

@ecambage making history

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From Google+

First day of athletics

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