Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed

Day 2 – Competition

Facebook announces their Olympic Athlete top 5

Will the Olympics help to monetise twitter?

Punters take to social media about not getting tickets

Which US athletes are making their mark on twitter?

Maurice Green interviews Asafa Powell

Check out the Foursquare Olympic Venues

Brandi replies to Hope's twitter comments

Twitter Medals – Day 2

Bronze Medal – Eamon Sullivan

Love the sportsmanship

Silver Medal – NBCDelayed

We like a parody account also see @olympicseat

Gold Medal – Omid Ashtari

Olympics and social media are good for everyone!

#digifail Medal

NBC is copping it from US fans for it's tape delay, but in Australian fans would like to point out Australia is not part of Europe, that would be Austria.

Instagram Of The Day

Loving this action shot from @usagym2012

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


From Google+

Awesome pic of the cyclists going past Buckingham Palace

Source: via Sean on Pinterest


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