Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed

Day 16 – Competition

Shazam! NBC may have just given us a glimpse into our transmedia future
Adidas Social Media Barricade shoe concept moves tweets to the track

What platforms have people watched these Olympics on ?

London 2012 Dubbed The First ‘Twitterlympics'

Social Media don't Like Carl Lewis

Olympics, PGA coverage muddled by Twitter updates

Team USA takes to Instagram to document its gold-medal afterparty

Twitter and the 2012 “Socialympics” Top Tweets

Olympics: Tweet all about it — London Games highlight growing influence of social media

How Twitter gave a behind the scenes look in to London 2012

Social media proves a force in consuming Olympics

London Olympics top 150 million tweets with Usain Bolt the most talked about athlete

London morphed into the Twitter Games, 140 characters at a time

5 Social Media Lessons Learned from NBC through the 2012 Olympics

Twitter Medals – Day 16

Bronze Medal -Ric Finlay

Ric normally a cricket stats guy has been doing some great stats on the Olympics ps he's was also my high school maths teacher so he's really Mr Finaly to me.

Silver Medal -Loudy Wiggins

Lovely words from Loudy

Gold Medal – Lennox Lewis

What an amazing games it's been!

#digifail Medal – David Allen Green

Well apparently those who attended the closing aren't in good company

Instagram Of The Day

So many from the closing ceremony it's been difficult to pick one – check out our Olympics Pinterest board for some more or our faves

@libbytrickett My favourite picture!! Thank you #london2012!! Let the next adventure begin. X

From Google+

The London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony is in progress and looking spectacular!

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