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Day 14 – Competition

Top Viral Moments from the of the 2012 Olympic Games so far

@cp3 Post Game...#1MoretoGo

Marketers: No Brand Deserves Gold in Digital Olympics

Ambush marketing at the Olympics – what does Twitter say?

Astronauts are watching Olympics from Space

Usain Bolt sets a new twitter record

U.S. Olympians see Twitter followers skyrocket during Games

Olympics fan reunited with ticket after Twitter user picks it up

Social Media disasters during these Olympics

Who are some of the new stars coming out of Twitter these Olympics

Lessons NBC can learn from the 2012 Olympics

Which countries are medal winner for social media?

Do athletes now have to be social media experts too?

Twitter making the Olympics Stronger, Faster, Nastier

Twitter Medals – Day 14

Bronze Medal –  Carmelita Jeter

A lovely tribute.

Silver Medal – Oscar Pistorius

It's been brilliant to see Oscar in action.

Gold Medal – Cameron Montgomery

A few days old but we can't let this tweet go by the power of social media.

#digifail Medal – Matthew Mitcham

More a self confessed fail

Instagram Of The Day

@locololo I could've used these stilts for my race the other day pal.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


From Google+

An incredible photo – James Connor (AUS) looks back to see if he's made a splash in the men's 10m Platform Diving this evening

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


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