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Day 12 – Competition

Comedian Mark Chalifoux on Twitter, the Olympics and beyond

@AUSOlympicTeam @aussieboomers at shoot around before their quarter finals vs USA t

How social media is changing the Olympics for spectators

Some great Olympic infographics

Most talked about athletes from Great Brittan on social media

Olympic Organizers Very Serious About Eliminating ‘Rogue Condoms’ From Olympic Village

How hashtags and likes are shaping London 2012

How effective have Olympic sponsors social media campaign been

Is social media painting the picture London isn't a tourism mecca during the Olympics

Impact of social media on public engagement with the Olympic Games

Olympic-focused organic website content can drive more traffic than related ads

Kenyans Rant On Twitter After Men 1500m Loss

USA vs Australia: Grades, Twitter Reaction & Analysis for Olympics Quarter-final

Polevaulters revolution and  #polevaultersmutiny

Twitter Medals – Day 12

Bronze Medal – Felicity Moore

There were some fab tweets around the Pole Vaulting last night check out #polevaultersmutiny for more

Silver Medal – Shane Kelly

I hope he doesn't get into trouble for the mastercard tagline

Gold Medal – Nathan Adrian

Twitter spoilers not just an issue with #nbcfail

#digifail Medal – Piers Morgan

Piers has come into a lot of criticism with his comments about some athletes from Brittan not singing the national anthem.

Instagram Of The Day

NBC are getting into the Bolt action asking people to Tweet your photos to @nbcolympics #NBCBolt for a slideshow on!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest


From Google+

Can Fraser-Pryce (JAM) follow up her 100m win with victory in the 200m? 

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

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