Here is the Sports Geek Instagram Power Rankings

1 – Melanie Schlanger (mel_schlanger)

Aussie swimming Melanie Schlanger gets the nod here, with this great photo after the Australia team took our first gold medal in the London Games.

Source: via Dion on Pinterest

2 – Deron Williams (dwill8)

The #gotem picture craze has taken Team USA by storm, and point guard Deron Williams is one of the biggest instigators.

Source: via Dion on Pinterest

3- Kevin Love (kevinlove)

Another Team USA member who loves Instagram. He's a funny dude, Kevin, evidenced by his Instagram feed. Well worth a follow.

Source: via Dion on Pinterest

4 – Shawn Johnson (shawnjohn08)

Former Olympic Gold Medalist (gymnastics) Shawn Johnson is in London to support her teammates after having to retire earlier this year aged just 20. She's been very active on Instagram since being in London, so she comes in at the number 4 slot.

5 – USA Gymnastics Team (usagym2012)

The skill level in gymnastics is vastly underrated, and this is a great picture from the US Gymnastics Team.

Source: via Dion on Pinterest

6 – Janet Evans (janet_evans)

One of the USA's greatest ever swimmers, Janet Evans is covering the Games in London, where she took a great photo of the 1948 Olympic Games torch. Great pic.

7 – Melissa Wu (melissa_wu_diver)

Aussie diver and Olympic silver medalist Melissa Wu is an avid tweeter and, judging from her timeline, is taking snaps with everyone and anyone in London. Here's her photo with other Aussie medal hopefuls Matthew Mitcham, Lauren Jackson and Liz Cambage. Go Aussies.

8 – Eamon Sullivan (eamon_sullivan)

This one's called the pretzel stretch, apparently. I know I won't be trying it at home.

9 – Team USA (teamusa)

The Americans are really dominating in the social media stakes at the Games. Good shots here from the women's volleyball team.

10 – Melanie Schlanger x2 (mel_schlanger)

I know she got the top spot, too, but this is a picture of her gold medal. She's getting the tenth spot too, for such a cool picture.