Teammo is an online payments management platform for sports teams, clubs, organisations and associations.

Sports organisations and associations use Teammo to help them go cashless. They can collect fees online, send payment-related notifications, and track and reconcile incoming payments.

Sports teams use Teammo to collect and manage their team's payments. They can collect money from players, and more easily transact with their club or association – to pay for match fees, registration, forfeit fines, and other ad hoc payments.

In this Sports Geek Amplify episode, Sarah Stocks and Andrew McIntosh from Teammo discusses how you can move your sports organisation to cashless payments within a month.   Be sure to check out the great offer for Sports Geek Amplify listeners.

Teammo enables grassroots sports teams, clubs, associations and leagues to go cashless through better collection management and reconciliation of sports payments. So if you're a team manager or a volunteer or administrator, we help you collect payments online and save you time and money so you don't have to do any mental processes and can avoid all the headaches and awkwardness around chasing money from people in teams.

Sarah Stocks, Teammo
Sarah Stocks & Andrew McIntosh, Teammo on Sports Geek Amplify

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