StellarAlgo is the Leading Customer Data Platform for live audience businesses and the easiest way to build and monetize the world's most passionate digital audiences.

With customers across over eighty-five properties, StellarAlgo has tracked over 40 billion interactions across 100 million unique fan records, they know fans!

In this Sports Geek Amplify episode, Vincent Ircandia from StellarAlgo discusses how you can gain more knowledge on your fan base to both better serve them and more revenue outcomes for your sports organisation.   Be sure to check out the great offer for Sports Geek Amplify listeners.

Through the pandemic, e-commerce and merchandise have been some of those things you can actually sell. In Vancouver, Canada, they have a very diverse population, and the Vancouver Canucks have been able to look at different ethnic groups and target growth in some new digital channels. We’ve even been able to de-anonymize some fans that were previously unknown and grow their marketable universe by 40%.

Vincent Ircandia, StellarAlgo
Vincent Ircandia, StellarAlgo on Sports Geek Amplify

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