What is the #IceBucketChallenge?

Have you been living under a rock?  The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral fund raising and awareness raising phenomenon for ALS and MND (Motor Neurone Disease as it is known in Australia).  So far many celebrities, athletes and technology and political figures have accepted the challenge to tip a bucket of ice on their heads and donate.

With water from the Yarra River...

How to donate?

One pushback for online campaigns is “digital slacktivism” where people click like and feel good but don't donate or change behaviour (see Kony 2012) but it looks like people are donating in large numbers to ALS and MND.

You can donate by following these links:

There is concern that people may not donate to other charities due to the success of Ice Bucket Challenge, I urge you to rail against that and donate to your regular charities.

Why I did it?

I spoke about the Ice Bucket Challenge last week on ABC Grandstand only to find out the next day that a long time family friend, Deeds, who was only a few years older than me had just passed away a few days earlier from Motor Neurone Disease.  I was challenged by Josh Rowe from Beers, Blokes & Business and RealAs and by Kylie Caflisch from SEAT so I dedicated my Ice Bucket Challenge to Deeds.

Note: Special mention West Coast Eagles' Neale Daniher who announced he is fighting MND on Monday, watch the Eagles boys Ice Bucket Challenge video

My #IceBucketChallenge video

Also available on YouTube

Who did I nominate?

I nominated the following people:

Keep up the good work

Here is Josh's challenge to me on YouTube, I'll add more as privacy settings allow.