You're headed to a conference all excited, what should you do so you are prepared?

1. Update & pack business cards

Remember networking is important & there is plenty of prize draws from exhibitors.   Additionally you should install CardMunch to automatically scan in those cards into your phone & connect on LinkedIn as well.

2. Refresh Your Linkedin Profile

You might have not looked at your Linkedin profile for a while but here is a chance to make sure it is ready to network.
Set Your Public URL LinkedinLinkedin refresh checklist:

  1. Is your photo up to date?
  2. Make Profile public (otherwise it is hard for people to find you!)
  3. Ensure your Linkedin has a personalised URL, claim that vanity URL for your personal brand.
  4. Add your Twitter account so people can connect with you on Twitter.
  5. Also update your company Linkedin profile if you are an exhibitor.   Check out Sports Geek's Linkedin page.

3. Refresh Your Twitter Profile

  1. Ensure Avatar appropriate for business, does your Twitter background need updating?
  2. Even if you don't tweet that often, conferences are a great way to find out how you can use it as you connect & share ideas at the conference.
  3. Check your profile links to your website or at least Linkedin profile
  4. Find out the conference Twitter account & follow it for updates, like @SEATconference
  5. Find out the conference hashtag like #SEAT2012
  6. Follow some of the speakers & organisers so you know more about them before you meet.

4. Check your Travel plans

Check you itinerary & bookings – Use products like TripIt to provide updates of changes to flights & store all your bookings.

5. Dress to impress

Check the dress code for the event – usually business casual will suffice.  You don't want to over dress or be too casual.

6. Always be prepared, phone charger a must

Pack the phone charger!  You'll need it as you'll be sharing insights via Twitter & Linkedin won't you?

7. Be ready for anything

Remember every person you meet may be a future client or employer so have fun but remain a professional.

Learn, connect & have fun.

I'm ready for @SEATconference

This is my checklist I review before every conference I speak at or attend, I'm very excited to be moderating a panel at SEAT Conference in Boston next week.  Christine Stoffel & Chris Dill have done a great job securing some great speakers for #SEAT2012.

My panel will be discussing “Activating fans in social media” who need little introduction with Lou Imbriano, Author of Winning The Customer & former CMO of the New England Patriots, Laura King from the Sports & Entertainment team at Twitter & Mike Hall Director of New Media at NESN.