Digital Cheer SquadThe action’s heating up in the AFL, NRL and Super 15 competitions, and fans are increasing their social media activity as finals draw near.

With Digital Cheer Squad implemented at five major clubs, Sports Geek gives you an update on how each are tracking.

Cowboys Social Club

Wasn't hard for Cowboys fans to do this after a win!Over the weekend, the North Queensland Cowboys hosted an online scavenger hunt in Cowboys Social Club, with Cowboys very happy after a Friday night win.

  • Fans had to sign-up to the #CowboysSocialClub and complete four tasks using their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Entrants went into the running to win a football signed by the entire Cowboys squad.
  • The competition took place over three days with over 80 fans getting involved.
  • 9% of fans completed all four tasks.

@DigiCheerSquad provided updates as the weekend on Saturday:

Cowboys Scavenger Hunt - Weekend Update

Well done to those who completed all four tasks and congratulations to Sam who took away the signed ball:

Did You Know…

  • #CowboysSocialClub fans have liked 700 posts on the Cowboys Facebook page.
  • The #ridemcowboys hashtag has been used 1400+ times by #CowboysSocialClub fans.
  • Fans have earned more than 15,000 #CowboysSocialClub points for sharing content on Facebook.

True Blue HQ

One of the rules for Blues fansThe Blues held their own scavenger hunt in True Blue HQ prior to hosting the French national side in a one-off exhibition match at North Harbour Stadium.

The same concept was applied; fans had to sign up with #TrueBlueHQ, the team’s Digital Cheer Squad implementation, and perform tasks with their social media accounts to go into the draw to win a double pass to the Blues-France game.

The three winners were announced via the team's Twitter account:

Did You Know…

  • Over 1200 #truebluehq fans have liked Blues Facebook posts.
  • The #trueblue hashtag has been used in over 2,600 #truebluehq fan tweets.
  • @BluesRugbyTeam has been mentioned over 5600 times by #truebluehq fans on Twitter.

Crows Core Launch

followdangerfield32Following another successful #CrowsChat on Twitter, Crows Core, the Adelaide's Digital Cheer Squad was launched – giving fans a chance to channel their online support for the Crows and interact with like-minded fans.

#CrowsChat has been a big success for Crows every Tuesday night, the fans are engaged in deep discussion on a Tuesday night and the fans loved checking their Crows Core scores late into the night.

Fans were greeted with this video from Bernie Vince (@bvince17) upon arrival to Crows Core:

Crows fans should keep an eye out for ways their support of the Crows can be rewarded – a scavenger hunt of hunt of their own might be coming their way!

Did You Know…

  • @Adelaide_FC has been mentioned 4750 times by #CrowsCore fans on Twitter.
  • The #gocrows hashtag has been used over 4,300 times by #CrowsCore fans.
  • Over 1350 articles from have been shared by #CrowsCore fans.

South Sydney Social

The top of the table Rabbitohs have been starring on the field, while they're fans have been busy off it in South Sydney Social.

Rabbitohs fans love #gorabbitohs hashtag

Did You Know…

  • The @SSFCRABBITOHS handle has been mentioned over 5400 times by #SouthSydneyCentral fans.
  • The #gorabbitohs hashtag has been used in over 3800 tweets from #SouthSydneyCentral fans.
  • #SouthSydneyCentral fans have liked over 1400 posts on the Rabbitohs’ Facebook page recently.
  • #SouthSydneyCentral fans have shared over 330 pieces of content on Facebook recently.

Stay tuned as Rabbitohs fans will fire up soon…

The Swoop

Eagles fans rally behind Nic Nat onlineThe West Coast Eagles are back using Digital Cheer Squad with The Swoop  for the third season.

The team has been buoyed by the return of Nic Naitanui (@RealNaitanui), winning five of their last six games, while the fans are doing some great things off the field.

Did You Know…

  • The #goeagles hashtag has been used in over 1450 tweets by #TheSwoop fans.
  • @WestCoastEagles has been mentioned over 1500 times by #TheSwoop fans.
  • #TheSwoop fans have shared over 250 articles from on Facebook

Don't forget that Facebook have followed Twitter's lead and started using hashtags to make it easier for users group their discussions and find items by topic.  We'll have more info on how fans are adopting Facebook hashtags in our next roundup.

We'll bring you another update soon, if you have any questions about Digital Cheer Squad simply send a tweet to @DigiCheerSquad or contact us.