Well you'd have to be living under a rock not to hear the outrage over Kraft's decision to pick iSnack 2.0 as the name for the new Vegemite/cheese spread.  For better analysis of that decision look to the QBrand QBlog.  It was amazing how passionate the Aussie public was about the choice but it was astounding that Kraft decided on that name from 48,000 entries.  It was such a distraction I tweeted this on Wednesday.

@seancallanan: Carlton responding to public pressure will rebrand Fevola to iFevola 2.0 hoping outrage over name will outweigh behaviour

A-LeagueIn today's Herald Sun that Melbourne's newest A-League team (currently known under the working title as Melbourne Heart) is running an online Name-The-Team competition.  Here's hoping they use the competition primarily about creating support and developing contact with fans but place importance on picking the right name.  If the bookmakers were framing a market I would guess the Melbourne Heart would be the front runner as it has been known and used in football circles over the past 12 months, but as the recent IOC decision to award the 2016 Olympics to Rio over Chicago the bookies are not always right.

We really don't want the 2nd A-League team in Melbourne to be called iMelbourne 2.0 now do we?

PS If you want another say on iSnack 2.0 there is another public poll to decide, not sure about those names either…