What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. Thanks Wikipedia

That is a simple explanation for what has become forgotten technology.  Social media darlings like Facebook, YouTube & Twitter dominate the digital landscape.

How can autoresponders be used in sports?

If you haven't worked it out that is “Sports Geek formula” (How can {insert tech here} be used in sports?).

Fan Mail – Why not accept fan mail for each player via email?  Athlete's still get fan mail but fan emails is vastly under utilised.  Why not setup an email autoresponder for each player on the roster?  In return the fan will receive an automated response from their fave player which may seem impersonal but it can be coupled with an exclusive wallpaper download or a discounted merchandise coupon.

Ticketing or Event FAQ – Not everybody can be online all the time so hitting the web for ticketing or event information may not be convenient for a fan (e.g. fan using an iPod touch).  But an offline copy via an email might be the best method of delivery for this information.

Statistics – The demand for sports statistics has grown due to the insatiable appetite for sports information by fantasy sports fans.  A post-game update of the stats autoresponder would allow delivery of box-scores and stats via email.

Email Competitions – The simplest & easiest way of using autoresponders running an email competition. All entries are collected via the autoresponder email account and a reply will inform the fan they have been entered into the competition.

Fan Feedback – Ask your fans for feedback, this is actually being implemented at Melbourne Demons via [email protected].  They encourage fan feedback and you are rewarded with an automated email from MFC President Jim Stynes saying thanks which is a nice touch, see below snippet.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your idea.  Your feedback  is important to us and is essential to  helping us to build a club that reflects your needs and that of the entire MFC community.

Why use Autoresponders?

  1. Give instant feedback to you fans via email.
  2. Follow up fans with additional offers – tickets, merchandise, newsletter signups.
  3. To deliver information to your fans.

Still unsure how they work?
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