Dan Migala on Big Bash success and Christine Stoffel on Melbourne and SEAT

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Christine Stoffel on #SEAT2014 and connecting fans at Kentucky Derby

SEAT 2014 is not far away now, in Miami July 20-22.  We catch up with Christine on progress of SEAT […]

#SEAT2013 mega interview podcast

Here is the the mega interview SEAT Conference edition of the Sports Geek Podcast in this episode you’ll hear from Kevin Naylor (Indiana Pacers) […]

Christine Stoffel on #SEAT2013, darker side of Twitter & welcome @ManUtd

In this week’s Sports Geek Podcast we have a good chat with Christine Stoffel from SEAT about SEAT Conference and announce […]

#SEAT2012 recap Part 2 – Social, TV, TD Garden & Technology

#SEAT2012 recap – Part 1 – Sports & IT Collaboration: Bringing People, Business & Technology Together Across Sports & Entertainment

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7 things you should do before attending a conference…

You’re headed to a conference all excited, what should you do so you are prepared?
1. Update & pack business cards
Remember […]