In this Sports Geek Throwback episode, Sean Callanan interviews Alistair Dobson from episode 292, General Manager – Big Bash Leagues at Cricket Australia

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Key Takeaways

In this Sports Geek Throwback, Alistair Dobson, General Manager of Big Bash Leagues at Cricket Australia, discusses why the Big Bash League continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

  • The Big Bash League is constantly evolving and is unashamedly an entertainment product, still a world-class cricket league but built on its entertainment proposition.
  • One of the objectives of the league is to create more opportunities for games to go down to the wire, adding uncertainty to the outcome.
  • The league seeks to get coaches more involved and bring more strategic thinking into the game, influencing the game and injecting moments of interest and entertainment.
  • There is a constant review of data and fan feedback, which feeds into the innovation process.
  • They have a consultation process with captains, coaches, broadcasters, and a playing conditions committee that checks and balances the new ideas.

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Sean: I want to actually look at some of the innovations and rule changes and some of the motivations behind them. Where do things like the changes in the power surge, the bash boost, the X factor come from? What is the reasoning behind them and how do those decisions get made?

Alistair: The BBL is innovation at its core. The willingness and commitment to take a risk and try something different was at the heart of setting the BBL up in the first place. And this is about continuing to evolve the competition and pretty unashamedly as an entertainment product, still a really elite level, world-class cricket league. But at the same time, it's been built on that entertainment proposition.

Sean: If people aren't annoyed and fired up, then they don't care enough. And so like, you know, if they're yelling at people about certain changes, that means they care.

Alistair: For us, it also adds in just another run chase. I mean, the best part of a BBL game is that last five balls or the last three balls, we need a certain score and you know, well, it's one of the four points available at the 10 over mark of the second innings. You've got a run chase on your hands. And I think if in a normal game, that's exciting in a game that might be going, you know, be a bit one-sided, it adds something else and another point of interest for at least there's a competitive 10 over chase in there.

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