33 #sportsbiz podcasts you need to listen to

2015 was my third year as a podcaster, it was great to learn more from friends in sports business and share their successes with the Sports Geek Podcast listeners (join our FB group) We've broken down the episodes in to the following groups: Digital Activations in the NFL Fan Engagement around the World Cricket & [...]

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Eric Fernandez on turning fan passion into brand passion

In this episode I catch up with Eric Fernandez, Founder and Managing Partner of SportsDesk Media. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: Turning fan passion into brand passion Data is meaningless, insights are invaluable Eric's thoughts on how sponsorship changed in last 15 years How Cleveland Browns nabbed a new sponsorship simply from [...]

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Kobe Bryant retirement shows power of athlete digital platforms

Kobe Bryant announced 2015-16 will be his last season in the NBA. Where did Kobe Bryant announce retirement? He announced it on The Player's Tribune with a short poem. Kobe Bryant announcement on Facebook He posted it to his 20M Facebook audience. Kobe Bryant announcement on Twitter And to his nearly 8M followers on [...]

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TJ Ansley from Portland Trailblazers on Rip City

In this episode I catch up with TJ Ansley, Director of Digital Media at Portland Trail Blazers. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: Storytelling opportunity of large roster change Engagement first philosophy of Blazers Why Rip City is Rip City New Fan Scan technology embedded content in posters How Snapchat stories tell a [...]

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OSF 15 recap, Instagram Ads & #AskSportsGeek

In this episode I recap recent travels, answer some questions from listeners and what I've learned about Instagram Ads so far. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: Why ideas are easy, execution is hard How NSOs are like professional teams The importance of developing your own fans What I learned from Russell [...]

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Breaking down the Sports Geek Podcast guests by sports

The dust has settled on the 100th episode milestone (a great chat with Charlie Shin if you haven't listened to it yet), here is a breakdown of the podcast guests based on sports & leagues they are involved in. Grab Sports Geek Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Pocket Casts or RSS feed Top 5 Sports Geek Podcasts [...]

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Steve Ziff from Jacksonville Jaguars on London, Sales & Arcade Games

Steve Ziff is the VP, Marketing & Digital Media at Jacksonville Jaguars on this podcast he chats about sales programme Jaguars Black, NFL in London and arcade games.  On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: Why Steve believes data is the quarter in the machine You won't believe how much data Duval Dash has generated How he transitioned [...]

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Reactions on Facebook Reactions from #sportsbiz world

The great thing about recording over 100 podcasts with #sportsbiz executives is getting to ask them what they think on sports digital trends.   I asked a few former Sports Geek Podcast guests (and some future ones) about Facebook Reactions (now that the hysteria over a dislike button has died down).  Here are their responses: [...]

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Cowbells & Content with Sacramento Kings Andrew Nicholson

Andrew Nicholson is the Senior Director of Digital at Sacramento Kings on this podcast he chats about the Kings 3.0 strategy and how digital is a vital component. On this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: How the Kings strategy has changed under leadership of Vivek Renadive Why Social Good is a key [...]

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A look at the Facebook & Twitter stats for @AFL & @NRL

Another footy season comes to an end in Australia with the AFL & NRL Grand Finals this weekend.  Each year we check in with Facebook and Twitter to see how the teams stack up. Some stats that jumped out at us: NRL fans still like Facebook more than AFL fans, 3.9M (up from 2.3M) fans [...]

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