The Sydney Thunder #WelcomeHuss

Monday saw the special announcement of the Sydney Thunders prized recruit Michael Hussey. The Sydney Thunder is a client of Sports Geek and Sean and I were on hand for the day to assist and help with the coverage. Having exclusive behind the scenes access was a great chance to see how the Sydney Thunder were able to generate excitement and leverage off their big signing digitally through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

#WelcomeHuss Begins

The day started with the announcement becoming official with posts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These posts directed fans on how to follow the day via Twitter (@Thunderbbl) and the introduction of the #WelcomeHuss hash tag which encouraged fans to welcome Michael Hussey and spread the exciting news.

Facebook #WelcomeHuss

Huss has signed! Welcome him to @thunderbbl #welcomehuss #goodtobegreen

With fans spreading the word they were also encouraged to leave a personal message for Hussey via the Facebook petition app. It was great to see the app was mobile friendly as the link was published across the different social platforms therefore greatly improving fan reach as it was easily accessible.

#Welcomehuss Petition Facebook

#WelcomeHuss Petition Thanks

#ThunderStruck via Helicopter

The announcement although officially confirmed earlier in the morning online was then followed by Mr Crickets grand entry at ANZ Stadium. Descending from the sky was it a bird? A plane? A thunder bolt? It was Michael Hussey arriving in style in a special ‘Sydney Thunder’ helicopter for the awaiting media, dignitaries and special guests.

The branding for the arrival was perfectly set up for the media. The helicopter had a large decal of the Thunders logo, food was decorated in the clubs colours of lime green along with staff and players dressed accordingly to greet Mr Cricket. It was easy to see why some other teams may have been little envious.

My role for the day was assisting with the Thunders twitter page, responding to posts and ‘favouriting’ tweets while also collecting images of the day’s events for use on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The mornings twitter activity lead to the Sydney Thunder being a trending topic while also developing some friendly banter with opponents the Perth Scorchers. Maximus Thunder, Sydney’s mascot also replied offering a lime green cupcake to settle things.

There was also support from Husseys IPL team the Chennai Super Kings, as they tweeted a #WelcomeHuss message along with the link to the facebook app for fans to leave theirs. Current Thunder players were encouraged to send tweets from their personal accounts to support the coverage. This also helped increase their own followings as there were regular interactions between the Thunders account and players. This helped set the platform for the Thunder as they aim to run Q&A’s throughout the season so fans are able to interact directly with the players.

I also had the pleasure of holding the sponsors banner during interviews, which might not sound like much but being able to hear Michael Hussey answer the questions from the media was an amazing experience. It’s rare to find athletes who are genuine and well spoken during interviews and it seems that the Thunder haven’t just got themselves a great cricketer but also someone who can represent the organisation with class along with captain Michael Clarke.

Once the interviews had concluded for Hussey and the rest of the players in attendance (Luke Doran, Daniel Hughes, Cameron Borgas Kurtis Patterson and Chris Tremain) were off to Westfield Parramatta to sign autographs.


The finale two events of the day were aimed at conveying one of the key messages of the day, that being Community. The player’s appearance at Westfield Parramatta within the heartland of their fan base was an opportunity to present their new players to the fans. These moments all captured through numerous lens for photos and videos by the Sydney Thunder team to be used immediately and later on.

Great turnout for #welcomehuss See you all at @anzstadium this summer!

The day wrapped up with the players helping out at Wentworthville Leagues Cricket Club cricket clinic. This was covered by the channel Ten weather team hosted by Tim Bailey. This was a great opportunity for channel Ten to promote their coverage of the Big Bash league at the end of the year.

Cam Borgas with young Thunder fans! Get ready for the live cross on Channel 10 to #welcomehuss


The day’s events were orchestrated to perfection, along with the successful covering via social media platforms. The Sydney Thunder team worked seamlessly together covering the day, as everyone pitched in collecting video footage and images. The use of the petition app via Facebook, the player’s appearances captured throughout the day on Twitter and Instagram, along with the effective use of hash tags gave their fans every opportunity to be involved in every step of the signing day and their engagement was noticed as Facebook comments were answered in a timely manner along with twitter questions.

The main experience taken from the day regarding the social content covered is that it is important to plan and have a structure for the day, but more importantly to be flexible and take advantage of the opportunities which arise. The quick thinking replies to the Scorchers developed into some exciting competitive banter, capturing the excited fans at Westfield and the players teaching at the clinic, gave an insightful experience to fans following.

Therefore it’s important to be on your toes and ready:

Jeremy Lin Fan Appreciation Week Review

What has Social Media provided for athletes? For some it has assisted with their career and for others it’s had a detrimental effect. The positives and negatives all relate and impact on the athlete’s ‘Personal Branding’. The growth of social media has changed the way professional athletes develop their personal brand. This aspect of their career is exceptionally important as it affects their marketability, popularity and sponsorship/endorsement opportunities.

Catalyst Public Relations published a study which found that sports fans are 55% more likely to purchase a particular brand that their favourite athlete, whom they are following mentions it on Facebook or Twitter

Jeremy Lin, NBA point guard of the Houston Rockets is a prime example of an athlete who has effectively managed his brand since he shot to stardom after an impressive run of performances for the New York Knicks. In the mecca of basketball, New York City, Lin’s sudden rise won him thousands and thousands of fans worldwide and the ‘LINSANITY’ craze caught on.

During the NBA playoffs Jeremy Lin hosted ‘Fan Appreciation Week’ using different social media platforms, giving him the opportunity to give back to his fans that have supported him throughout his career. A simple gesture which goes a long way in maintaining and building his popularity.

Jeremy Lin - Fan Appreciation Week

Facebook Q&A

Monday started with the Facebook Q&A, which featured 18,424 Likes, 124 Shares and 5605 Comments. As Jeremy Lin is of Taiwanese descent he has a large following of fans around Asia. To capitalise on this he has an English and Chinese Facebook page which reaches both fan bases. Unfortunately Lin wasn’t able to respond to all comments, but seemed to answer as many as he could during the time.

The Q&A was a simple and effective way for Lin to reach and engage with his fans while giving his followers the opportunity to ask any question, within reason and be answered. Questions ranged from obscure ones like “Chuck Norris VS Liam Neeson in a fight ….. Who wins?” to “Funniest guy in the Rockets?

Jeremy Lin - Fan Appreciation Week - Day 1 Facebook Q&A

Rockets Artwork Contest

This was the first contest of the ‘Appreciation Week’, which involved Twitter. Followers were required to send in any Rockets artwork they had created with five followers chosen to win a signed ‘Linsanity Movie Poster’.

This contest also had a dual purpose. Not only did it promote fans to interact with Lin, it also created an avenue to promote the upcoming ‘Linsanity Movie’. We have also seen this occur in posts from Teams such as the Golden State Warriors, where they promoted sponsors while engaging and interacting with their fans, providing the ever present dual purpose of social media. As we can see from the graph below the @JLin7 handle was mentioned 941 times during the day two contest.

Jeremy Lin - Fan Appreciation Week - @JLin7 mentions

Instagram Impersonation Contest

Fan Appreciation Week Day 3: Rockets Impersonation Contest! Post (and tag @jlin7) a picture on instagram of you impersonating a Rockets player(s). Heres my sample of @jharden13 on the left and @chandler_parsons on the right. Be creative and winners announced tonight!

Let the impersonations begin! Day 3 featured a Rockets impersonation contest via Instagram.

SINA Weibo Q&A

Lin hosted another Q&A, this time on the Chinese micro blogging site SINA Weibo. It was evident that Lin made a major effort to maintain his global appeal especially in Asia. In 2012 Lin returned to Taiwan to participate and instruct a local youth basketball camp with the assistance of NBA player David Lee – making good on a promise he made earlier in the year.

Multiple Choice Quiz via Facebook

We are back on Facebook for the final day of ‘Appreciation Week’ and the fans have to answer a Multiple Choice Quiz and the first person to answer them all right wins a signed pair of shoes.

Jeremy Lin - Fan Appreciation Week - Day 5 - Facebook Quiz

While this post received 7518 Likes, 137 Shares and 629 Comments, it didn’t experience the same success as the Day 1 Q&A. Besides the dilemma of going through the comments to find the winners of the competition (Lin mentioned he got a headache looking through the submissions), the quiz format would only reach those who waited for the post, thus limiting it’s reach. When social media competitions prompt followers to be the first to answer or post you are neglecting your casual followers who aren’t constantly connected. Having a competition which allows followers to post a simple entry such as the Twitter art work and Instagram impersonation you are now allowing the majority of your followers to participate.

Looking over the events of ‘Appreciation Week’, Lin has proved how simple it is using social media to interact with his fans and in the process thank them for their support. The ‘LINSANITY’ craze may have been lighting in a bottle with Lin’s move to Houston but through the use of simple and effective competitions and the continual interaction on a regular basis, Lin has be able maintained his popularity globally. The great use of social media combined with regular visits and accommodating his Asian fan base has in turn increased his marketability and improved his chances of garnering endorsements.

Lin’s Volvo Commercial

Lin heads out for some ‘street-ball’ with David Lee

Athletes in many sports worldwide have a short career span. What social media has provided is another avenue off the field or court to develop an athlete’s brand. It has also allowed middle tier players in many leagues to increase their popularity with their personality and social media savvy competitions to increase their name recognition to heights only reserved for the superstars.

Have a read of the ‘Social Media Guidelines’ post, which outlines what athletes need to consider when posting to maintain a positive image.

What other athletes do you feel have done a great job in maintaining their personal brand through Social Media? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Lin takes part in #HerosHangout on Google+

Lin also recently took part in a Google Hangout as a part of the Veteran’s United channel, where he discussed life as an NBA player and conversed with military heroes from across the US.

Case Study: Golden State Warriors – Playoff Ticket Scavenger Hunt

GSW Scavenger Hunt

This year was Golden State’s first time in the playoffs since their incredible run in 2006-07.  The years between appearances resulted in placing of 3rd and 4th in their division and missing the playoffs.  Sean was lucky enough to be in town just as they clinched for the 2013 playoffs.  Their absence over the past couple of years has elevated fan excitement and the Golden State Warriors have used this to their advantage and have taken to Social Media to interact and engage with their fans through an exciting competition.

The Playoff Ticket Scavenger Hunt is a contest which the Warriors ran giving away a range of prizes in the ten days leading up to their first home playoff game.  The contest revolves around all social media and digital platforms for the Warriors including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Mobile App, Insider email, Insider mobile and Youtube.  Each day there would be clues and challenges published on one of these platforms, which required you to respond to win.

Having a contest which incorporates all digital platforms has given the Warriors an opportunity to develop and improve their reach with their fans. If fans wanted to increase their chances of winning, the best opportunity is to sign up or follow all of the Warriors 8 digital platforms so they don’t miss out on the clues or challenges posted. This in turn possesses as an incredible opportunity for the Warriors to develop their fan base in a digital sense, but more importantly allows the organisation to interact and engage with followers in the future.

Let’s now look at how the Golden State Warriors used their Social Media platforms for the Playoff Scavenger Hunt.

Day 1: Engaging Facebook Fan Base

The Warriors started the scavenger hunt contest with Facebook, which has the most amount of followers at 458,384. Starting with their most popular platform is a great way in informing their largest base of followers of the competitions commencement. It also allows for Facebook users to become aware of other social media platforms the Warriors use regularly throughout the season.

The day 1 challenge started off with an easy assignment for followers which required them to ‘LIKE & SHARE’ the below post. Winners were chosen at random and announced the following day. The post received 6,983 likes and 6,815 shares.


Day 2: Driving a Twitter frenzy

Following Facebook the @Warriors took to Twitter, their second largest following at 219,348, for the hardest challenge in the competition. The Warriors did warn that this challenge was ‘Extra Challenging’ in their first tweet. The challenge required followers to find a clue within their ‘Gameday Photo Galleries’ from the season.

Golden St. Warriors  warriors  on Twitter

Followers on Facebook who don’t have twitter received a clue via a photo post of Stephen Curry wearing a ‘@warriors – #letsgowarriors’ t-shirt. The picture also featured the twitter logo over the top of the Warriors logo. For followers on Facebook who don’t know what twitter was, hand no idea what the clue was, as comments of “blue jays carrying them over the bridge” and “a mocking jay?” featured throughout the comments section. Other fans where nice enough to direct those lost to twitter to follow the challenges instructions.

This is where the challenge gets tricky. There are 24 galleries per page and 17 pages of gallery photos since the start of the season with numerous amounts photos in each gallery, I guess the Warriors really wanted fans to work for their tickets. I have to be honest I didn’t manage to find the clue through the galleries as I gave up after close to an hour of searching, as did many others who didn’t have time to search.

Day 3: Driving Fans to Mobile App

Mobile App Clue

Day 4: Everyone loves Bobbleheads

The day 4 challenge was for Oakland residents to head down to a specific Lucky Supermarket and find a Klay Thompson bobble head. Once found you were required to take a photo with the bobble head and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the #FoundKlay hash tag.

This is a simple challenge which incorporated Lucky Supermarkets, who are the official grocery store sponsor of the Warriors and the Oakland Raiders. A great way of using sponsors in the social media competition to increase brand awareness for the grocery store.

Day 5: Show some love on Instagram

Instagram was the sole target of the day 5 challenge via their account @officialwarriors. The challenged prompted fans to be as creative as they can while impersonating player Kent Bazemore’s famous three point celebration named ‘Bazemoring’. The photo had to be tagged with #bazemoring hash tag for winners to be picked. Entries featured poses on top of cars, outside Oracle stadium and where ever the opportunity presented itself for fans.

#bazemoring Favourites

Kent Bazemore is known as the NBA’s number 1 towel-waver and bench hype machine, who continually displays his game long energy celebrating player’s shots. This signature move of celebrating 3’s was used by the Warriors as a Facebook check in competition for fans at a home playoff game to receive a 3 point foam finger, drawing on the ‘Bazemoring’ and ‘Splash Brothers’ hype. This is another impressive opportunity which the Warriors have used to their advantage to engage and interact with their fans. The Winner of the challenge was announced on Twitter and can been seen below

Day 6: Mobile promotion using SMS

Day 7: #DubNation pins down Pinterest

The Warriors Pinterest page has the least amount of followers out of all social media avenues used for the Warriors. As a result the scavenger hunt competition stands as a great way of promoting and increasing followers. The challenge was for users to create a ‘board’ labelled ‘#DubNation’ and required you to post 20 things that creatively display your Golden State Warriors pride.

As Pinterest is continually growing and relatively new to sports teams, the ways in which teams interact and engage with fans and supporters is different. Pinterest has a large female following and the inclusion of this platform in the scavenger competition is an excellent way for the Warriors to reach their female fans and supporters.  Check out our Sports on Pinterest board.

Pinterest Pin board #DubNation

Day 8: Share and Like the team you love on Facebook

We are back on Facebook with the 8th challenge looking at fans relieving their favourite moments from the season. To officially enter the challenge followers needed to again LIKE & SHARE the post and provide a comment on their favourite moment.

An easy challenge to complete which provides an opportunity for fans to talk about the amazing season the Warriors are having so far and continues the hype and excitement leading into game two of their round 1 matchup against the Denver Nuggets.

I thought i should also provide my favourite moment of the season. I feel sorry for the rookies . . . . .

Day 9: Crowdsourcing fan video on YouTube

The final day of the Scavenger Hunt continued on from the favourite moments challenge from day 8 and fans needed to get the camera out for YouTube. An extra two tickets were up for grabs and fans needed to film a 30sec clip of a re-enactment of their favourite play, people #Bazemoring, the Landry flex, putting up some 3-point goggles or wearing some Warriors merchandise.

Final Challenge

This challenge was promoting their YouTube channel and needed fans to submit their videos via the Warrior’s website. Riding their playoff excitement fans really produced some impressive videos in the short time they had. Below are two of my personal favourites

Day 10: Integrating Adidas with Twitter and Instagram

The Warriors weren’t done yet and threw in a BONUS day, giving away a Harrison Barnes jersey. The final challenge used Instagram and Twitter once again getting fans to take a photo of themselves with a mannequin wearing the jersey at the Adidas store in San Francisco. Once again we see an opportunity for a sponsor to be involved in the competition.

Bonus Challenge

Final notes

In summary most of the challenges were fairly easy to follow and complete, the only challenge which maybe and should have been altered was the day 2 challenge. This could of been improved with the inclusion of a clue indicating which date the gallery clue might be from. This could have saved a lot of time for followers and been more engaging and positive, as many people commented that they had given up as it was too hard.

The challenges throughout the scavenger hunt were fair as most challenges were not a race. This made each challenge available to all fans and supporters as everyone who entered had an equal chance of winning. The majority of the challenges were different as some involved appearing at stores and then using Instagram to the basic sharing and liking posts on facebook.

Using their most popular social media platforms as the primarily avenues to inform followers of clues and challenges was a great way of promoting other developing platforms such as Pinterest and their Mobile app. Drawing on key moments through the year such as the #Bazemoring poses, continually keep fans excited leading into the playoffs.

The only question which remains is, how active will these users be if they have only signed up to win playoff tickets, will they be influencers in the future?

What did you think?  Let me know in the comments.

"First of all, great post Curtis I like how you followed the promotion from the fan's point of view.  Great job by Kevin Cote as his team at the Warriors for executing a campaign like this to engage in midst of a exciting (and very busy) playoff run."
Sean Callanan, @SportsGeek

NBA’s @MNTimberwolves help fans #GETCLOSER

Kevin Love signs autographs for fans to kick off the Get Closer campaign

Kevin Love signs autographs for fans to kick off the Get Closer campaign

The Minnesota Timberwolves, like many other professional sports organisations, use multiple social media platforms to engage and interact with their fans and supporters. Recently, the team has used to their YouTube channel to support and promote their innovative ‘Get Closer’ season-ticket renewal strategy.

The campaign draws on sports fans’ desire to be as close to the action as possible, but also embodies a sense of appreciation for fans who have continually shown their support. Driven by the hash-tagged #GetCloser slogan, this theme of ‘appreciation’ is consistent across all mediums, and herein lies the strategy’s uniqueness and effectiveness.

Instead of promoting season ticket renewals directly or giving away merchandise, the Timberwolves are showing how they have and will continue to give back to their fans and the community through, player/fan events and behind the scenes access. This gives us a sense that the fans are as important as the players are which is particularly evident through their recent series of videos on YouTube:

Behind the scenes access:

As you can you see from the videos above, Minnesota gave season ticket holders an opportunity of a life time to be part of their campaign commercials. The videos portray fans with players in a real life conversation discussing topics not relating to basketball. This shows another side of the players rather than their athletic abilities which are usually on display for the fans, but insight on a personal level, in a very comical way (Andrei Kirilenko’s ‘Get Closer:  AK’ was a personal favourite).

There are also a couple of videos which give fans a behind the scenes access of their jet, inside the TV Truck, interview with Wolves radio host Alan Horton and Player outing coverage. There is also a special playlist dedicated to season ticket holders who have renewed their membership with a special message from individual players, again going above and beyond for their support.

As we can see Minnesota has been very active and measured through their Youtube channel when showing fan appreciation and continually offering an experience even when the final buzzer has sounded.

To improve the campaigns effectiveness and reach the Timberwolves have effectively used their other digital platforms. Facebook was used to show the benefits and access the Wolves give to their fans which is the experience unlike another teams offer:

Timberwolves - Get Closer Fan Experience 1

Timberwolves - Get Closer Fan Experience 2

Twitter was also used with the #GetCloser hash tag to group and follow tweets:



Event coverage was seen through Instagram:

Nikola Pekovic Free lunch @ Jimmy Johns

Last but not least Google+ and Vine have also been used to support the season ticket drive:

One final note, Social media platforms all have their own unique way of engaging and interacting with followers and users, this provides opportunities for Sports organisations to establish deeper connections with fans and supporters. The Minnesota Timberwolves have executed a thorough campaign involving a range of platforms to show how they give back to their fans who give so much.

"Love this promotion by my mates at Timberwolves, despite a difficult season on court the Timberwolves make sure the fan is the centre of everything they do.  Congrats to Ted Johnson, Jeff Munneke and Bob Stanke for a great campaign."
Sean Callanan, @SportsGeek

Sports Geek at the MCG – Where are your fans?

Sean Callanan founder of Sports Geek was profiled by & after being awarded Melbourne’s Top Tweeter.

Shot at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sean talks about digital marketing strategies sports can use to connect and engage with their fan base.

Sean discusses the advantages of building a digital fan bases using social media platforms to provide value to fans and sponsors alike.

We are releasing this promotional video on the day of the AFL Grand Final you’ll know it as #AFLGF on Twitter.

In a couple of years time we want to see a Sports Geek advert on your TV during the NFL Super Bowl coverage ;)

Thanks to Bronja, Chloe & Kat from and Newspepper.
Big thanks to Shane & Katy from the MCG for letting me use such an awesome venue. Follow them on Twitter @MCG_News

Want to discuss your sports digital strategy?

Call +61407047200 or contact us below

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Video recap of @SportConference

Sports Digital Marketing conferencesWith speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & Major League Soccer to name but a few the Sport Research Group Conferences in Sydney & Auckland were a massive success.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below to hear from delegates & some of the speakers involved.

Keep an eye on the SportConference channel on YouTube.

Follow @SportConference for updates from the conference and news for 2011.

Send out a Twitter testimonial what you loved about the @SportConference#scau or #scnz

Additionally if you want to connect with sports marketers then join these Linkedin Groups – Asia Pacific Sport Marketers or Sports Geek on LinkedIn.

Thanks to the speakers

  • David Kirk – Hoyts
  • Dan Harbison – Portland Trailblazers
  • Shane Harmon – Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Alistair Gray – British Swimming
  • Pedro Duarte Gonzales – Real Madrid
  • Kirsten Corio – NBA
  • Umberto Righetti – Sporting Pulse
  • Dennis Mills – Major Events International
  • Paul Barber – Vancouver Whitecaps – MLS
  • Eric Fernandez – Medialink
  • Ted Johnson – Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx
  • Richard Burnett – Essendon Football Club
  • Chris Yates – Tennis Australia
  • Jeff Collard – Omnivex
  • Paul Paoliello – Mnet
  • Christine Stoffel – SEAT
  • Horden Wiltshire – Mnet
  • David Friend – Shared Services Solutions
  • Nigel Cass – Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Clare Wolfensohn – Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Daryl Macguire & Bindi Perkins – Populus
  • last but not least Sean Callanan from @SportsGeekHQ

Well done Simon

Congrats to Simon Arkright from Sport Research Group for a successful 2010 conference.  Connect with him on LinkedIn.

See you all in 2011.

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5 Twitter mistakes to avoid

As more and more people, brands, sports teams & leagues hop aboard the Twitter train I continue to see the same mistakes being made.

5. The Not Reply – @TwitterHandle will be making an BIG announcement!

This became an issue when Twitter changed the manner by which we see people’s replies (or @) on Twitter.  Now you only see a reply if you follow both Twitter accounts.

Therefore the tweet below from @GoldCoastFC would have been only seen by followers of @GoldCoastFC AND @KarmichaelHunt. Understandable there may be a big overlap between the two but why take the chance?  Adding “Welcome” at the start of the tweet would have ensured ALL @GoldCoastFC followers would have seen the tweet.  It should be noted further tweets and RTs did mention @KarmichaelHunt so GCFC fans definitely knew about it.

@karmichaelhunt first official GCFC media appearance! More pics and video to come soon. May 31 02:06:33 via Twitpic

4. Twooshes or long tweets

Call me old-fashioned but I like the “old” RT method, that’s right something from 12 months ago is now old!  The “old” (or “Edit then Retweet” in TweetDeck) method allows you to add your comments before the RT.

If all your tweets are twooshes or too close to 140 characters you maybe losing RTs from people who want to pass it on with their short comment attached.  Keep it short and allow people to ADD to the conversation like below.

Wow… Smart strategy! RT @Peter_R_Casey @Brendanmeyer: i love how @gatorade bought keyword Powerade on google (via @SportConference)Mon May 31 13:06:25 via Twitterrific

Sports Geek Tip: Check out to see how many twooshes you have. (I’ve had 175, as sometimes the opposite is true and you don’t want that comment ;) )

3. Lck vwls 4 140 chrs

If you can’t fit it into 140 characters without using vowels or butchering the English language then it shouldn’t be a Tweet!  Write a blog post!

Twitter teaches you to be direct & succinct, it can be said in 140 characters if you just think a little.

Don’t even get me started about, laziness!

2. Auto Direct Messages

Unfortunately, this seems to be a staple of internet marketers but more and more I am seeing others be sucked into using the Auto DM.

Firstly, it is completely impersonal and secondly it’s rude when they don’t follow back and you can’t reply!  I know a LOT of people who immediately unfollow any account that sends an Auto DM.  You’ve been warned!

Sports Geek Tip: By the way if you want to stop most of them you can follow these instructions to opt out  from SocialOomph who send most of them!

1. Broadcasting not conversing

This is the main issue with most brands, leagues or teams on Twitter is the lack of conversation.  They promote the “Join the Conversation” tag line of Twitter but do not LIVE it.

You do need a strategy in place to understand why you are on Twitter and how you want to interact with fans but you should be polite to reply to simple customer service questions.

Look at the simple chart the US Airforce uses to manage blog comments which could easily adapted to Twitter replies. (hat tip to @georgiawatson)

Sports Geek Tip: Don’t have a strategy in place? You should start with a Sports Geek Workshop.

What Twitter mistakes have you learned from?

Swarm achieved – Connecting sports fans at the G

Well it was fun to see AFL fans from Collingwood & Essendon join in the foursquare fun at the MCG to get the Swarm badge for #anzacswarm.

#anzacswarm success

A few takeaways from this experience.

1. It’s a new world and it’s shows that social media is a small but developing market.  With 90,070 fans in attendance at the G the goal was to get 50 people checking in represented less than 1% of the crowd using foursquare.  It shows that fans currently using foursquare are early adopters that have embraced the technology, they are needed to create momentum for a social network.  It is also interesting to note that the Geelong Vs Carlton game registered over 30 check-ins on Monday so I expect the swarm badge to be a regular occurrence at many sports events by the end of the year.

2. Sports is a great connector, I’m sure others were keeping a close eye on the numbers as we got closer to the magic number 50. It’s a great way to find sports fans.

3. Great social media publicity for the event as the swarm badge was activated many Melbourne based twitter streams & Facebook news would have been flooded with messages like this.

Activating the swarm badge was a small success in showing how social media can enhance the sports experience as well as how it can connect like-minded sports fans.  As I stated in my last post, “Connected & active fans are the most valuable online fans as they give sports team the ability to crowd source your promotions with retweets or likes.”

Not on Foursquare yet? Get on board, here’s how. I’m looking forward to this week’s Row Show looking at the NJ Nets case study with Gowalla & Vanyermedia,

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Follow up on SSMI

Your fans show passion in the stands, help them show it via social media!First of all thanks for the feedback and coverage from the launch of the Sports Social Media Index (SSMI).  The last 2 days have been spent discussing SSMI with people across Australia, from Brisbane (yes Lions fans they plan to enter the social media fray) to Perth (thanks for article WA Today) and part in-between with the guys at 5aa in Adelaide discussing the SSMI index.  The interest back in the US was terrific as well.  Yes, I will be looking at other leagues in the future and expect another AFL SSMI assessment mid-season when in-game social media work can be included.

Why SSMI was developed…

After returning from Sports Geek Trip I collated my notes from the franchises I met with in the NBA, NFL, MLB & NHL.  After seeing the tools & techniques being applied behind the scenes I wanted a way to compare each franchise on the key success factors they had identified proved successful for them.

SSMI looks at 4 major things

  • Implementation – How each social platform is set up
  • Fan Engagement – Are the fans part of the conversation?
  • Content – What content is provided on each platform? Is there variety? Is it delivered when fans want it?
  • Innovation – Pushing the boundaries creatively & via different technologies.

Once teams are solid on the fundamentals of social media platforms the “cool stuff” can begin, that’s where Sports Geek excels.  You can then activate your fan base to bring great results to your events, merchandise sales and sponsor initiatives.

Ask yourself these questions

Do you want to raise sponsorship revenue from social media efforts?
Can you increase sales have you made via social media?
Want more fans turning up to your events?
Need to grow your fan base?

If you answered yes to any of those questions please contact Sports Geek or call 0407047200.
If you didn’t congratulations, you’re a social media rock star!

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Stay tuned for a big announcement from Sports Geek soon…

Building community via sport

Last night I presented to club presidents at the Southern Football League about the impact social media can have on local sports.

It was great to see the passion for the game at grassroots and it will be great creating a strong social media strategy for these clubs.

Social media can allow sporting clubs to become an online community hub for sports, families & local business if executed correctly in the same way they have been an “offline” community hub for many years.

And because the Slideshare – YouTube embed seems to playing up here is the video I played, an oldie but a goodie for people who are not quite understanding the impact social media is having on the world:

Sports Geek Social Media Workshop comes in 2 forms:

Social Media Heavy Hitters – Comprehensive workshop targeted to leagues, franchises & facilities who want to grow and manage their social media presence.

Small Sports Big Opportunities – Sports Geek gives back to local clubs & leagues to help them find new sponsorship opportunities via social media.

Check out Sports Geek Social Media Workshop for more info.

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