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Bonus Episode: “The value of the big 3” Sean Callanan keynote

On this week's episode, we take a different approach and share with you a keynote from Sean's recent work at the Australian Council for the Arts Marketing Summit. Sean spoke at the conference for his CHUNKY media business, sharing insights from the sports industry and "The value of the big 3" in social media [...]

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#IceBucketChallenge accepted

What is the #IceBucketChallenge? Have you been living under a rock?  The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral fund raising and awareness raising phenomenon for ALS and MND (Motor Neurone Disease as it is known in Australia).  So far many celebrities, athletes and technology and political figures have accepted the challenge to tip a bucket [...]

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7 things you should do before attending a conference…

You're headed to a conference all excited, what should you do so you are prepared? 1. Update & pack business cards Remember networking is important & there is plenty of prize draws from exhibitors.   Additionally you should install CardMunch to automatically scan in those cards into your phone & connect on LinkedIn as well. [...]

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Uncle Drew Vs Coming to America

If you haven't seen Uncle Drew yet, then enjoy. No spoiler alerts at Sports Geek. If you haven't seen Coming to America I suggest you rent this comedy classic as well. Do you know the actors playing these characters?  (Language warning near end of scene)

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