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New brands and buildings with Timberwolves’ Ted Johnson

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Ted Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer from the Minnesota Timberwolves for a second time to discuss the clubs new brand and buildings to help the Timberwolves business grow.  On this podcast you'll learn about: How Ted and Sean's chat back in episode 65 has come to fruition with [...]

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Ted Johnson on Timberwolves rebuild

Ted Johnson is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Minnesota Timberwolves and has a background in politics that has served him well helping the Minnesota Timberwolves upgrade practice facility and their home court the Target Center.On this podcast you’ll learn from about:How NBA teams are in an arms race for better facilities for players & [...]

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What does Twitter IPO means for sports and Blue Jackets on Ticketnet

Twitter is now a public company, will it's focus on profits change the experience for sports fans? On Grandstand we discuss Twitter IPO and we discuss strategy how digital plays a big role in fan development. Then we chat with Director of CRM and Analytics at Columbus Blue Jackets Jeff Eldersveld about how he uses Ticketnet [...]

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Digital Case Studies explained from #SEAT2013

Back from SEAT Conference in Kansas City, what a great conference.  This special Sports Geek Podcast episode is a full audio replay of my #SEAT2013 presentation with Philippe Dore from NASCAR.  You can follow along via on Slideshare below or download from Slideshare. More SEAT related podcasts coming up soon, so stay tuned. More specifically, in this podcast [...]

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Sponsor and Lottery Pick Activations at the #NBADraft

With the 2013 NBA Draft less than 48 hours away, here is a look at some of the interesting activations from teams ahead of the big night at the Barclays Centre, New York. Pick 1 - Cleveland Cavaliers (#CavsDraft) Draft coverage in American sports teams is always impressive. In preparation for the big night, the Cavs [...]

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NBA’s @MNTimberwolves help fans #GETCLOSER

Kevin Love signs autographs for fans to kick off the Get Closer campaign The Minnesota Timberwolves, like many other professional sports organisations, use multiple social media platforms to engage and interact with their fans and supporters. Recently, the team has used to their YouTube channel to support and promote their innovative 'Get Closer' [...]

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The Top 50 Harlem Shakes

To finish 2012 we experienced ‘Gangnam Style’, now the next viral Youtube clip for 2013 is the ‘Harlem Shake’. The viral video has prompted many elite sporting teams to perform their own take, most notably the NBA team Miami Heat lead by Lebron James as King James. Crazes and viral topics allow sporting teams to [...]

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Sports Geek Look Book – @NBA edition

At Sports Geek we are constantly looking a sports websites to see what the latest trends are in sports marketing, digital activations and sports content marketing strategies.  We are constantly taking notes using Evernote to clip examples that we might use in the future with Sports Geek clients.  So we have decided to shortcut that [...]

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Gamification of sports

On Saturday's ABC Grandstand at 7:40 we discussed the growing trend of Gamification and how it is creeping into the world of sports.  Download mp3 What is Gamification? What is Gamification?  Bringing game elements to solve problems or better make things fun. Sean spoke at Churchill Club last week on Gamification with Marigo Raftopolous  (Founder of [...]

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Eagles swoop on Sports DP

Sports Geek is happy to announce the launch of Sports DP with the West Coast Eagles as The Swoop. The West Coast Eagles are entering their first finals campaign in 3 years, the club is out to prove that their digital supporters are amongst the most vocal in the land! Sports DP was first launched [...]

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