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Emerging technology in sports with Cavaliers’ Damion Chatmon

On this week's episode Sean catches up Damion Chatmon, Director of Emerging and Digital Technology Solutions - Cleveland Cavaliers. Sean chats with Damion about his role and how the Cavs are constantly looking at emerging technology and why fans always come first. On this podcast you'll learn about: Damion's background in data/ticket sales and his roles [...]

Michael Conley on sponsorship, Australia Day and the return of LeBron James

In this episode I catch up with Michael Conley from Cleveland Cavaliers on this Sports Geek Podcast you will learn about: How broadcasting first approached digital How the Cavaliers digital team had evolved to serve multiple parts of the Cavs business What it was like when LeBron James announced he was returning What planning was put in [...]

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Why LeBron can’t go home again – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 30th July 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... Why LeBron can't go home again - great article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar New San Francisco 49ers stadium is a geek heaven These jerseys look awful but no doubt the fans will love them - The first ever selfie jerseys are here! Study: Mobile [...]

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Why audiences hate hard news— it’s all about cats – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 25th June 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... What to look for in killer digital campaign Why audiences hate hard news— it's all about cats The NBA's Instagram team doesn't need LeBron to score San Francisco 49ers roll out reward program in lead up to new stadium launch FIFA's Chinese [...]

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Which social media platform will Arsenal tackle next? – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Thursday 22nd May 2014 What @SportsGeek reads.... Social media use strengthens the bonds between football fans and their teams Melbourne Tigers to abandon past for United future - disappointing day for Tigers fans (myself included, here is my take) Niners looking to hire 'app experience specialists' to help [...]

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LeBron James invites HS basketball player with cancer to pre-game warmups – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

 In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 2nd April 2014 LeBron James invites HS basketball player with cancer to pre-game warmups Instagram announces 6x Growth since Facebook takeover Twitter losing sight of what makes it so great - the Tweetbook? Whatever's best for the people, that's what we do - good insight into [...]

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A look behind @AFL with Tyson Densley

On this week's podcast I chat with Tyson Densley from the AFL (Australian Football League) about the goals of the AFL social media team and what they are looking for in season 2014.  On SEN I chat with Kevin Hillier about the AFL and NRL social media fan bases and what does it say about [...]

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#Sportsbiz roundup – @adioso & @AFL, Twitter & #MarchMadness & Facebook hashtags

While two of the new rules approved by NFL team owners last week slipped through without major criticism, players didn't hold back in using Twitter to express their disapproval at the third, the controversial crown-of-the-helmet rule. Is your AFL side playing interstate soon? Adioso lets you follow your AFL team anywhere by keeping an eye on the [...]

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Top Social Media performers from #TeamUSA at #London2012

The stars of Team USA's Men's Basketball Gold medal-winning squad were nearly as dominant off the court as they were on it. Make sure to check out the Sports Geek Storify post ranking the top 5 members of Team USA for the best Instagram pics during the #London2012 Olympics, with some cheeky tweets thrown in. [...]

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