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Fiona Green on understanding your fans using CRM

This week on Sports Geek Podcast we chat with Fiona Green about Sports CRM and understanding the CRM process over the tools used. On the Sports Geek Podcast you will learn: Importance of CRM strategy Process first, then automation is the key Recency, Frequency & Value Where social fits in to CRM What other data you [...]

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42 Sports Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Reviewed

By now, everyone is either using Facebook's new 'Timeline' layout, or will have to change to it when Facebook makes Timeline their default format on March 31st. The most noticeable change with the new Facebook Timeline is the ability for pages to have 'cover photos' as well as their profile picture, as well as having [...]

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Cristiano Ronaldo big announcement via social media

Cristiano Ronaldo has used his social media profiles to make a big announcement, not going through traditional media press release. However, it was a little cryptic from his Twitter account @Cristiano. Which leads to a longer post which received 199,185 views. Jul 03 23:24:39 via webCristiano Ronaldo Cristiano But his Facebook fan page was [...]

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NBA Finals, #worldcup, Tiger Woods & NASCAR #bodsw

Best of Digital Sports World #9 While World Cup teams have banned players from using social media, others are using it as a launch platform for endorsement exposure.  In Cristiano Ronaldo's case exposure is exactly the right word with his Armani photo getting 32k likes and 11,780 comments. Twitter reports the massive spikes in traffic [...]

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