New brands and buildings with Timberwolves’ Ted Johnson

On this week's episode Sean catches up with Ted Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer from the Minnesota Timberwolves for a second time to discuss the clubs new brand and buildings to help the Timberwolves business grow.  On this podcast you'll learn about: How Ted and Sean's chat back in episode 65 has come to fruition with [...]

New brands and buildings with Timberwolves’ Ted Johnson2017-09-17T19:03:14+10:00

Ted Johnson on Timberwolves rebuild

Ted Johnson is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Minnesota Timberwolves and has a background in politics that has served him well helping the Minnesota Timberwolves upgrade practice facility and their home court the Target Center. On this podcast you’ll learn from about: How NBA teams are in an arms race for better facilities [...]

Ted Johnson on Timberwolves rebuild2018-05-17T09:55:51+10:00

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