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Important news on Facebook feed, it will change how you post – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

What @SportsGeek reads..... Important Facebook news - Click-bait to be penalised and why you should be using Links in Facebook How are the NFL and MLB reaching fans via digital? EVENT Killing it with Content panel discussion with Sean at Churchill Club this Thursday NFL CIO: Quarterbacking A Digital Revolution Manchester United bans iPads from home games Nielsen data shows mobile devices & social networks are [...]

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Can Premier League stop fans posting goals? – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

What @SportsGeek reads..... Premier League warns about posting goal videos online, is it a futile exercise? Pro sports teams walk a fine line using analytics to sell more stuff. Want Wi-Fi at stadium? PSV Eindhoven fans don't! They protest against introduction of Wi-Fi (click to see how) Fox Sports shows sports fans the love with social engagement strategy. Twitter urges celebrities [...]

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Facebook Like gating to be banned, how will you cope? – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Thursday 14th August 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... Facebook Like gating will be banned on November 5, what does this mean for you? Barcelona to host first sports theme park. Which NFL stadiums are best reinventing the fan experience? 2014 Sports Stadium WiFi: The Complete A-Z Guide every US state rated Everything you [...]

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How sticky is your sports app? – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 6th August 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell talks stadium Wi-Fi. Rumour File: AFL faces legal fight with union and Record reporters interesting development for AFL Media. How to find your Uber passenger rating cool tech hack... I'm a 4.8 Sports apps have the highest abandonment rate. How [...]

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Digital is the face paint of a sports fan generation

My presentation at SEAT in Miami was supposed to be a showcase of sports digital case studies around the world as I meet with, work with and talk to sports business executives through my consulting work and podcast interviews.  As I pulled together the campaigns it become obvious that the sports fan is changing and [...]

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Why LeBron can’t go home again – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 30th July 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... Why LeBron can't go home again - great article by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar New San Francisco 49ers stadium is a geek heaven These jerseys look awful but no doubt the fans will love them - The first ever selfie jerseys are here! Study: Mobile [...]

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TDF cyclists faced with a new danger – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 16th July 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... Tour De France cyclists faced with a new danger: selfies World cup footage boosts content, viewers for FFA website That's the ticket: Portland Trail Blazers revamps online UX Inside ESPN's Social Media war room during the most tweeted sporting event ever New [...]

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How to find killer content, content curation explained – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Tuesday 8th July 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... Twitter and the World Cup: the digital match made in heaven Learn about how Sports Geek solves content curation 5 keys to the @WWE's hugely successful social media strategy Where the digital sausage is made: inside Adidas' World Cup roost Wait, Facebook organic [...]

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How Wimbledon went big in digital – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Tuesday 1st July 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... How Wimbledon has become one of the most digital events in sport Twitter is experimenting with a new way to retweet Whoops! World Cup own goal - security officials' wi-fi passwords printed in newspaper Launch of 120 Sports a game-changer for [...]

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Why audiences hate hard news— it’s all about cats – ICYMI – @SportsGeek News

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Wednesday 25th June 2014 What @SportsGeek reads..... What to look for in killer digital campaign Why audiences hate hard news— it's all about cats The NBA's Instagram team doesn't need LeBron to score San Francisco 49ers roll out reward program in lead up to new stadium launch FIFA's Chinese [...]

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