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10 things I’d like to see more of in #digisport in 2014

There is no better time to be involved in sport as the convergence of technology and the fan becomes a major aspect in organisations overall strategy. Fans can expect another quantum leap from Australian teams, organisations and strategies in 2014, but here is my predictions of what I’m particularly looking forward to seeing.

10 #Digisport predictions

(Sports Geek note: #digisport is a hashtag for all things sports & digital as opposed to #smsports for social media & sports)

1. Mass content but targeted promotion

Content strategies will be targeted according to the team's audiences

Content strategies will be targeted according to the team’s audiences

Content strategies are changing. As we begin to learn more about the audiences that are consuming our content, the ability to make content that can be shaped or targeted to the most profitable ‘personas’ becomes most valuable.

The ability to then target those pieces of content via in depth knowledge of Facebook’s power editor or a detailed CRM is what will make the difference to it’s success in 2014. Look to see team’s pushing content that is much more appropriate to you, it won’t be an accident.

2. Geo targeted innovations

Will geo-fencing at stadiums take the fan experience to a new level?

Will geo-fencing at stadiums take the fan experience to a new level?

Geo-targeted technology has not yet reached it’s peak in Australia, partly because of connectivity available in Stadiums, but also because it’s largely misunderstood. Using mobile technology is key to this and with the introduction of wifi at many stadiums in the country, it’s only a matter of time before fans attending games are being delivered exclusive content within a geo-fenced boundary around the perimeter of the stadium.

It has two major benefits; 1. It increases the value of attending the game as opposed to fans at home on the couch, and 2. it helps promote purchases while fans are in a buying mood. Where else would they feel FOMO of not being in a team’s colours than at a stadium?

A deeper look could see targeted promotions within a stadium. The MLB has introduced the use of iBeacons to help promote offers and deals at the nearest merch stand straight to the fan’s seat (as Sean discussed with Kenny Lauer from Warriors). The ease of use and conveniency will also add another layer to the game day experience.

3. Mobile traffic and commercialisation

Our fans are become more mobile and so should the content that is produced

Our fans are become more mobile and so should the content that is produced

I’m calling it this year, this is the year that I think team’s mobile traffic will overtake their desktop traffic (if it hasn’t already)! It’s been increasing for the past few years and now it’s time to capitalise on the commercialisation of the mobile revolution.

So many apps and mobile sites have been targeted at information providing as opposed to promoting purchasing opportunities. Look to see merchandise, memberships (if applicable), tickets, food and beverage (see prior point) and pay walled content be front and centre in 2014. If they’re not, your team is missing out!

The more savvy the commercial teams, the more you will see campaigns that are built for mobile before desktop as opposed to the other way around.

Increased connectivity on game days will be the single biggest influence on the increase of mobile traffic and I can’t wait to see what some of the teams have in store for fans this year.

4. Gamification (bahaviour analysis)

Is Behaviour Analysis (Gamification) the next trend in #digisport?

Is Behaviour Analysis (Gamification) the next trend in #digisport?

I’ll admit, I hate the buzz word gamification and prefer the term ‘behaviour analysis’. By this I mean encouraging fans to perform more of the same behaviours and providing them with every avenue possible to discover the content that is most applicable to them.

This, combined with rewards for fans who perform more of the same behaviours will allow clubs to train and influence fans as the competitive mindset comes out amongst sports fans and the rewards become more valuable.

It’s important that this isn’t just related to digital activities though, the ability to link it to team’s biggest income drivers (usually tickets and memberships) will be critical to it’s success.

It’s a new area for many sports teams around the world that I don’t think has yet been capitalised on, but look for it to become increasingly prevalent this year.  (Watch Sean’s #SportsGaming panel from #SportsConf)

5. Targeted communications, particularly EDM’s

Expect to see more specific and targeted communications

Expect to see more specific and targeted communications

How often do you sign up for a newsletter or purchase a ticket from a team and the first offer they send you is for a 10 game membership? I’d like to think there were a few more steps before I was at that level. As more details become available through the ever growing sources of information, you can expect communications to be gradual as teams encourage you to travel along a fan continuum.

Behind any good targeted communications is a refined and detailed Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). There aren’t many clubs that have fully nailed it yet, but when they do you can expect communications to be much more refined and detailed, particularly via email.

As discussed earlier, Facebook’s power editor and new custom audiences manager fits perfectly to add a new element to the CRM and team’s targeted communications. Not only will you receive targeted communications in your inbox, expect to see it on your Facebook feed as well.

6. Data or pay walled content

Will content be pay walled in 2014?

Will content be pay walled in 2014?

There is much debate on paid content from media outlets in Australia at the moment, I won’t bother delving in to it here but you can expect to see more content behind some sort of wall from teams in the future.

Some team’s have tried paid content in the past couple of years and they’ll continue to come up with ideas of what they can offer to those fans. Other teams will most likely begin to dabble in placing exclusive content behind a data wall (a free signup form) to gather fan’s details and enhance their database.

Personally, I don’t think fans are quite yet ready to pay for anything that is in the Australian sports industry at the moment. However, it’s only a matter of time (pending league’s infrastructure setup) before we’ll start seeing some great videos and exclusive stories that fans will have no choice but to want to pay for.

7. Live behind the scenes segments

The Golden State Warriors hosted a live G+ Hangout from their training session in 2013

The Golden State Warriors hosted a live G+ Hangout from their training session in 2013

Live video was a big hit in 2013. Teams and organisations broadcast major announcements live and some teams dabbled in G+ hangouts, such as the Golden State Warriors #warriorslive hangout that Sean attended.

I’m looking forward to see more live content outside of media conferences, video’s such as pre and post game shows are a great way to capitalise on the increased eyeballs on the club’s site.

As infrastructure is improved, so too does the ability to watch HD video on mobile or deliver it tablets without the high data costs to consumers. Weekly shows with player Q&A, behind the scenes exclusives and ‘panel’ type setup shows will help train fans to tune in to their teams via their computer or mobile at 7:00pm at night, rather than commercial television.

We’ve seen the rise of shows from Collingwood, Essendon, West Coast and the Broncos but how long will it be before we see clubs making some substantial dollars from sponsor integrations?

8. YouTube becomes a major content platform

Organisations need to embrace YouTube for their online video

Organisations need to embrace YouTube for their online video

Gone are the days where clubs and organisations can ignore YouTube as a platform. It’s the second most visited site in the world (only behind that of it’s owner, Google) and clubs are missing out on valuable eye balls if they don’t have a presence there.

Enough of the arguments of it’s insular setup and it’s lack of traffic it drives, administrators need to see the bigger picture and that exposing their brand to millions of people around the world will help keep them coming back for more AND gain interest via their native site. Everyone is saying that ‘video is king’, but how can they say that when they don’t have a presence on the biggest video platform in the world?

Admittedly, there are rights issues over match footage that need to be dealt with but the sooner the owners of those rights accept that YouTube isn’t going anyway and instead choose to use it their benefit, the better it will be for all fans.

According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network. This trend has seen the USA take massive leaps and bounds with YouTube in the past two years, we can only hope that this progresses in 2014 and that this time next year, this won’t be an issue for any club or organisation in Australia anymore.

9. Drop the ‘Big Data’ tag to analysing the data that matters

Keep it simple and focus on the data that matters

Keep it simple and focus on the data that matters

2013′s hot phrase was ‘Big Data’. Everywhere you looked people were talking about it, some said they knew what it was while others claimed it wasn’t an issue. I instead think that this year, sports digital marketers will start analysing the data that matters. Fiona Green agreed with this take on SGP recently.

There is only so much you can do with the countless amounts of data sources that we have these days. In 2014, I’m looking forward to seeing teams going back to the basics and analysing what matters most and using that data to the best of their ability. This may mean different things for different organisations but the principle remains the same of keeping it simple without over complicating it.

10. Using and encouraging fan generated content

Recognising the fans and using the content they create will be a major trend in 2014

Recognising the fans and using the content they create will be a major trend in 2014

Gone are the days that the official club site wouldn’t provide a somewhat contentious opinion on it’s platform. Traditional media have thrived on it for years and every day club’s digital teams edge closer to becoming their own mini media outlet.

Fans will be encouraged to submit their opinion and voice on the club’s sites and it will re-purposed to generate further content and interaction with fans. Not only does it give the fan recognition for submitting their opinion it motivates them to continue to return to the site. How do you think fan forums have thrived for so long? Look for a similar setup (again, they’ll have to give data to the organisation to sign up) from clubs in the coming year.  Take a look at what the Seahawks did with #TappedIn site.

Connect & Join the conversation

Have I missed out on any or do you think I’m off the mark with some of the items? Let us know via Twitter @DanPinne, LinkedIn or via the comments below.  Give the Sports Geek Podcasts I’ve been on a listen.

See you at #SBNight

Hope to see you at #SBNight at HONEY on Tuesday.

Sponsor and Lottery Pick Activations at the #NBADraft

With the 2013 NBA Draft less than 48 hours away, here is a look at some of the interesting activations from teams ahead of the big night at the Barclays Centre, New York.

Pick 1 – Cleveland Cavaliers (#CavsDraft)

Draft coverage in American sports teams is always impressive. In preparation for the big night, the Cavs have put forward a sharp Draft page where fans can get all the relevant information they need to be informed and take part in the Draft festivities. The choice to showcase their recent high picks Kyrie Irving, Tristain Thompson, Dion Waiters, & Tyler Zeller is effective in getting people excited about the event as it focuses on the future of the team, rather than the current poor results. The Cavs’ Draft page serves as a great reference point for fans to help combat the wave of information that Immediately, fans can see the #CavsDraft hashtag, links to the team’s social media platforms and a list of the teams’s top four picks, while a countdown clock always adds to the occasion.

Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Homepage - Header

Fans can get even more involved with free tickets to the Cavaliers Draft Party, and Draft Sweepstakes which encourage fans to share photos on Twitter or Instagram with the #1 represented. Winning fans have the chance to see the Cavaliers’ Draft press conference in person.

Cleveland Cavaliers Sweepstakes

Pick 2 – Orlando Magic (#MagicDraft)

Pushing the slogan ‘Next Season Starts Now,’ the Magic have promoted their Draft Party via their website and social media. To encourage fans to RSVP to the event, the Magic were offering a 10% discount on food and beverage orders. They also saw a chance to promote season tickets for 2013-14 by incorporating merchandise signed by the team’s first draft pick. In the lead-up to the event, feature writer for the team John Denton, has been going back to see which players would end up where if each draft of the last ten years was redone.

Orlando Magic - Draft Party Info

Pick 5 – Phoenix Suns (#SunsDraft)

As has been done for other teams, writers for the Suns’ Draft page have undertaken mock drafts to try and give fans an idea of who to expect in the orange and purple next season. From there, prospective picks have been featured and profiled, and fans have the opportunity to tweet in to offer opinion and show support using the #SunsDraft hashtag, as well as browse galleries from previous drafts.

Phoenix Suns - Draft Prospects

Phoenix Suns - Social Stream & Galleries

Pick 9 – Minnesota Timberwolves (#WolvesDraft)

Minnesota Timberwolves Draft Day Coverage

In addition to featuring draft profiles, interviews and video of workout sessions, the T-Wolves will also host their own Draft party. For those unable to attend the Party in person, the team will again host Wolves Draft Live 2013 which has been a successful way of interacting with fans since it’s debut in 2010 (not forgetting 2011 when Sean was part of the coverage  (video) with Digital Cheer Squad, then Sports DP). According to the website:

Wolves Draft Live 2013, hosted by Timberwolves.com editor/writer Mark Remme and Timberwolves radio studio host John Focke, will feature an information-packed show focusing on the Wolves’ two first-round draft picks and providing a live look into the Wolves Draft Room throughout the night. Remme and Focke will answer questions from fans that are submitted via timberwolves.com, Twitter (@MNTimberwolves) and Cover It Live. They will also welcome on media guests, show the top videos from the 2012-13 season and get fan react ion to the draft picks from those attending the draft party.

Pick 10 – Portland Trailblazers (#RipCityDraft)

The Trailblazers’ 2013 Draft coverage is nothing short of impressive. On top of hosting an array of draft-related articles, photos and videos for fan consumption, the team are breaking down Draft stats big time. Using 61 mock drafts from around the web, Portland have complied a consensus list of who is mostly likely to go at picks #1, #2, #3 and the all important #10, according to the wider NBA community. A heat map shows where Trailblazer fans are physically tweeting about the #RipCityDraft on Twitter, while a fans are also being asked that age-old draft question: Should we trade a top ten pick?

Portland Trailblazers - Mock Draft ConsensusPortland Trailblazers - #RipCity Draft MapPortland Trailblazers - Draft Poll   

So there you have it – some great ways that teams and sponsors can get active and get involved in Draft day coverage!

NBA’s @MNTimberwolves help fans #GETCLOSER

Kevin Love signs autographs for fans to kick off the Get Closer campaign

Kevin Love signs autographs for fans to kick off the Get Closer campaign

The Minnesota Timberwolves, like many other professional sports organisations, use multiple social media platforms to engage and interact with their fans and supporters. Recently, the team has used to their YouTube channel to support and promote their innovative ‘Get Closer’ season-ticket renewal strategy.

The campaign draws on sports fans’ desire to be as close to the action as possible, but also embodies a sense of appreciation for fans who have continually shown their support. Driven by the hash-tagged #GetCloser slogan, this theme of ‘appreciation’ is consistent across all mediums, and herein lies the strategy’s uniqueness and effectiveness.

Instead of promoting season ticket renewals directly or giving away merchandise, the Timberwolves are showing how they have and will continue to give back to their fans and the community through, player/fan events and behind the scenes access. This gives us a sense that the fans are as important as the players are which is particularly evident through their recent series of videos on YouTube:

Behind the scenes access:

As you can you see from the videos above, Minnesota gave season ticket holders an opportunity of a life time to be part of their campaign commercials. The videos portray fans with players in a real life conversation discussing topics not relating to basketball. This shows another side of the players rather than their athletic abilities which are usually on display for the fans, but insight on a personal level, in a very comical way (Andrei Kirilenko’s ‘Get Closer:  AK’ was a personal favourite).

There are also a couple of videos which give fans a behind the scenes access of their jet, inside the TV Truck, interview with Wolves radio host Alan Horton and Player outing coverage. There is also a special playlist dedicated to season ticket holders who have renewed their membership with a special message from individual players, again going above and beyond for their support.

As we can see Minnesota has been very active and measured through their Youtube channel when showing fan appreciation and continually offering an experience even when the final buzzer has sounded.

To improve the campaigns effectiveness and reach the Timberwolves have effectively used their other digital platforms. Facebook was used to show the benefits and access the Wolves give to their fans which is the experience unlike another teams offer:

Timberwolves - Get Closer Fan Experience 1

Timberwolves - Get Closer Fan Experience 2

Twitter was also used with the #GetCloser hash tag to group and follow tweets:



Event coverage was seen through Instagram:

Nikola Pekovic Free lunch @ Jimmy Johns

Last but not least Google+ and Vine have also been used to support the season ticket drive:

One final note, Social media platforms all have their own unique way of engaging and interacting with followers and users, this provides opportunities for Sports organisations to establish deeper connections with fans and supporters. The Minnesota Timberwolves have executed a thorough campaign involving a range of platforms to show how they give back to their fans who give so much.

"Love this promotion by my mates at Timberwolves, despite a difficult season on court the Timberwolves make sure the fan is the centre of everything they do.  Congrats to Ted Johnson, Jeff Munneke and Bob Stanke for a great campaign."
Sean Callanan, @SportsGeek

22 articles you may have missed this week

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Case Study: Buffalo Bills #billsdraft Twitter Competition


Despite being the bottom-placed finisher in the AFC East division last season, the Buffalo Bills have kicked things off on the right note in 2013 when it comes to engaging fans online. The franchise recently held a Twitter competition that gave fans a chance to announce the team’s 4th round draft pick at the upcoming NFL Draft. 

Tweeters were required to send in a picture using the #billsdraft hashtag to either the team’s official handle (@buffalobills) or that of sponsor Tim Hortons (@TimHortonUS), that illustrated why they were the biggest fans:

Buffalo Bills Twitter Competition Tweet

The response was impressive, with a number of fans tweeting in – some getting pretty creative: 



A week after announcing the competition, the Bills directed fans back to their website to check out some honourable mentions, as well as asking them to vote on the chosen finalists. The winner was announced a day later:

Buffalo Bills #billsdraft Twitter Competition Result Announcement

Here’s a graphical depiction thanks to Topsy.com, that illustrates the spike in the use of the #billsdraft hashtag during the competition’s duration from April 5th-12th. After only a handful of uses during the fortnight leading up to the competition, the hashtag was used a total of 923 in that seven day period:

#billsdraft mentions during Twitter competition duration

There are a number of reasons why this Bills case study was an effective Twitter competition:

1. Entry for fans was simple - The easier a competition is to enter, the more likely you are to receive a higher number of entrants. In this instance, fans only had to tweet in a photo and use the #billsdraft hashtag for a chance to win. Often simple is best!

2. Promotion was consistent - When plugging a competition or giveaway via Twitter, 1-2 tweets per day is advisable as you don’t want to run the risk of losing fans who may see multiple posts as spam. Having a secondary account (sponsor @TimHortons) can be beneficial when it comes to reach.

3. Sponsor incorporation - Getting a sponsor on board and incorporating them directly into the engagement is always a positive move.

4. Competition guidelines were transparent - In addition to posting the rules on their website, the Bills announced finalists and winner were announced through official channels.

Sports Geek discusses NFL Draft on Harf Time

Sean joined Harf this week on Harf Time to discuss how big the NFL Draft is on TV and on digital.

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Expect to see more NFL content on Sportsgeekhq.com as the season approaches!

#SportsGeekTrip Recap – San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles

Sports Geek Trip V4 - San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, LAOn Tuesday, I was able to recap on of my most successful #SportsGeekTrips, this marks the fourth trip to the US to connect with and catch up with sports teams and tech companies to learn more about what sports digital strategies are leading the way.

Here is a recording of the GoToMeeting I held with Sports Geek clients from Australia and New Zealand who tuned in to hear how it went after following the #SportsGeekTrip hashtag on my travels.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the recap in the comments and please fire any follow up questions in the comments below.

Want to watch a specific segment?
(Twitter 2:30, Tint 7:30, Pinterest 11:40, Golden State Warriors 16:15, List.ly 22:00, Oakland A’s 26:10, Chirpify 30:00, Ticketnet 34:00, Portland Trailblazers 37:30, Social Media Marketing World 13 – #SMMW13 42:00,Jay Baer 45:15, Pat Flynn 49:00, Brian Carter 50:30,LA Galaxy 53:00)

Want to skip through the presentation first?
Slides are also available on the Sports Geek SlideShare channel.

Sports Geek Trip – The tech side

Sports Geek Trip – The Sports side

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Portland Trailblazers
  • Los Angeles Galaxy

Some Sports Geek Trip snaps

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#Sportsbiz roundup – @adioso & @AFL, Twitter & #MarchMadness & Facebook hashtags

While two of the new rules approved by NFL team owners last week slipped through without major criticism, players didn’t hold back in using Twitter to express their disapproval at the third, the controversial crown-of-the-helmet rule.

adioso help you plan your AFL Flights

Is your AFL side playing interstate soon? Adioso lets you follow your AFL team anywhere by keeping an eye on the cheapest flights for those interstate trips (right). 

Twitter utilises March Madness to introduce 15-second ‘instant replays’ of NCAA game highlights. Cue a significant door opening for the platform’s future in video advertising.

San Francisco 49ers fans won’t feel frustrated by patchy internet connection at home games again. The team’s new stadium will serve the Wi-Fi needs of 68,000 patrons simultaneously.

‘We have no choice but to get more social, more mobile, more personal and more inclusive.’ Georgetown University professor of sports management Marty Conway explains how we can hold the attention of generation HD.

Auckland Blues use Tine to profile social media content for fans new to social mediaThe Auckland Blues use Tint to showcase social media activity (right). A brilliant tool to help keep fans up to date and engaged.  We installed the Tint for the Blues, like our Social Media Hub, please contact us if you want one.

Facebook’s plan to incorporate Twitter’s most iconic marker, the hashtag, as a way to group conversations and give users more reason to stay logged in.

The NFL has joined with GE and Under Armour in a four-year, $60M brain injury study. They’ll be looking at new ways to diagnose brain trauma and develop new ideas for helmets and other safety equipment.

A great initiative from The Fifth Army, fighting depression, bullying and homophobia. The more informed you are, the better equipped you are to handle these issues.

The usual suspects (LeBron, Federer, Manning, Kobe & Phelps) dominate Bloomberg Sports list of the 100 Most Powerful Athletes in 2013 based on ranking within their sport, endorsements and social media presence.

 What stories did we miss?  Please let us know in the comments?

Twitter Helps with Instant Marketing

Twitter has had the largest growth of any digital network globally as reported by GlobalWebIndexOne. They have experienced a growth of 40% in monthly worldwide active users from Q2 to Q4 in 2012.

Over the past couple of months we have seen businesses react with lightening speed in harnessing opportune moments in sports for their own benefit. Companies such as Oreo, Audi and Walgreens took to Twitter during the Superbowl power outage, while Under Armour created the #DeAndreDunkFace campaign on Instagram, following DeAndre Jordan’s earth-shattering alley-oop.

During the beginning of the third quarter with the Baltimore Ravens up 28-6 over the San Francisco 49er’s, the unimaginable occurred in the Superbowl, the lights went out. This delay was seen as an fitting time for brands to market themselves in a creative way through Twitter.

Oreo had an ad running during the Superbowl which was promoting their Instagram account, getting users to let them know which part of their famous cookie was their favourite.

But it was mission control with the brand team from Oreo and their agency, 360i, in a media type war room which stole the show, with their quick thinking Twitter post. The Oreo graphic (below) was “designed, captioned and approved within minutes” said Sarah Hofstetter, President of 360i.

The post was ‘retweeted’ and ‘favourited’ thousands of times within 15 minutes of it going up.

Audi, like Oreo had already aired an ad during the game, but decided to take on their competitor Mercedes-Benz. Now Mercedes-Benz, @MBUSA, is the naming rights holder for the Superdome, therefore Audi saw the opportunity to promote their unique LED lighting on their cars, by offering Mercedes-Benz some help.

Not to be outdone the supermarket giant Walgreens got in on the act with these two witty posts themselves.

These are just a few examples of companies which saw an opportunity to reach users on Twitter with their comical posts.

Another creative campaign which was aired last week via Instagram and Twitter was Under Armours “Show Me Your Dunk Face”. Under Armour saw an opportunity when their sponsored athlete DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers threw down one thunderous ally-opp dunk on Brandon Knight which was being labelled, ‘Dunk of the Year’ across the web. The video is below for your viewing pleasure.

This sparked Under Armour into action which created an Instagram contest, requiring fans to submit their best impersonation of the face DeAndre Jordan made at the end of the play walking back to the bench. A simple contest followed by the #DeAndreDunkFace hash tag.

De Andre Jordan Show Me Your Dunk Face

This has lead to Under Armour creating two limited edition graphic t-shirts to honour the ridiculous play encapsulaity the dunk and DeAndre Jordan’s face.

One of the limited edition t-shirts from Under Armour

One of the limited edition t-shirts from Under Armour

With the continual growth of active users on twitter and other digital platforms companies are able to become creative when attempting to engage with their audience. It also allows for instant communication and reach before the topic becomes saturated and losses its effectiveness. This means Sporting organisations need to be ready for any situation in which they deem or see could potentially become viral. It now comes down to how quickly they can turn around the production of the campaign as effectively as Oreo and Under Armour, but I am sure the examples given won’t be the last.

Let us know of a campaign which has impressed you within sports.