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Facebook turns 10 & Super Bowl covered from all angles – ICYMI

In case you missed it - Reprint of Sports Geek News - Tuesday 4th February 2014 What @SportsGeek reads... Facebook turns 10: The Mark Zuckerberg interview Sporting Innovations wants to turn the live sports watching experience on its head How USA Today mastered viral sports content #WhosGonnaWin SBXLVIII Nice activation by VerizonPuppy Love wins Super Bowl Ad battleRetweet abuse: Birdy Bragging & [...]

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Has Facebook jumped the shark?

This week's ABC Grandstand segment Sean asks the question that has been brewing in the digital world, has Facebook jumped the shark?  Listen in below. Download mp3 Pushing back Over the past few months there has been growing frustration amongst Facebook fan page owners & fans alike.  Facebook Page owners have seen their [...]

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Are you on Pinterest? Pinterest is another network that is gaining momentum, that allows people to share great visuals via Pins & Boards. Has an artsy & creative feel & there is some good photography sites drawing great traffic from Pinterest. Sports Geek Tip: Always include strong visuals with all news articles, they can be pinned [...]

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Inside Instagram’s Success

Are you on Instagram?  We are follow @SportsGeekHQ on Instagram. Many sports teams & brands are starting to branch out to connect with fans using Instagram. Good to see Kevin looking to further develop Instagram building on a user base of over 15M. Look at some of the reasons why: Why Brands Like Puma and [...]

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AFL Vs NRL, #SB45 & March Madness

Reprinted from Sports Geek Newsletter - Sign up here AFL vs NRL - the battle for social media fans The AFL has the early lead just topping the magical 1 Million social media fan mark with the NRL closing in on 1 Million fans.  Interesting to note the AFL fans have taken to Twitter with [...]

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Sports Geek at the MCG – Where are your fans?

Sean Callanan founder of Sports Geek was profiled by & after being awarded Melbourne's Top Tweeter. Shot at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sean talks about digital marketing strategies sports can use to connect and engage with their fan base. Sean discusses the advantages of building a digital fan bases using social media [...]

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