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Infographic: Sports and Social Media a perfect match

Do you remember the last time we posted an infographic from Infographic World? It went viral around Jeremy Lin and ended up on NY Knicks site. Where do Infographics sit in Sports? Do you find them useful? Are fans engaged around them? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter. [Tweet "Infographics in sports, [...]

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Jeremy Lin Fan Appreciation Week Review

What has Social Media provided for athletes? For some it has assisted with their career and for others it’s had a detrimental effect. The positives and negatives all relate and impact on the athlete's ‘Personal Branding’. The growth of social media has changed the way professional athletes develop their personal brand. This aspect of their [...]

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#BODSW is back with #SuperBowl XLVI, Pinterest, and some #Linsanity

Welcome back, again, to Sports Geek's #BODSW. After a hefty break over the summer months while I was following in Sean's footsteps, Excuse the hat, but wouldn't you be wearing it in minus-16 degree weather?! conducting my own #sportsgeektrip in the USA, including watching Green Bay's Matt Flynn throw 6 touchdowns in minus-16 [...]

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The Linfographic! Jeremy Lin story explained #linsanity

Isn't it awesome when a social media phenomenon is presented as a Infographic? We present the #Linfographic, documenting the #linsanity around Jeremy Lin. Sports Geek Update A great story about this infographic, after we blogged about it after finding it at Infographics World.  It has completely blown up on Pinterest - check out the Linsanity board [...]

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