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Jeremy Lin Fan Appreciation Week Review

What has Social Media provided for athletes? For some it has assisted with their career and for others it’s had a detrimental effect. The positives and negatives all relate and impact on the athlete's ‘Personal Branding’. The growth of social media has changed the way professional athletes develop their personal brand. This aspect of their [...]

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Social Media Guidelines simplified

On the 7th of June a tweet went out from @soldierUK providing servicemen and women a simple guide to follow regarding online behaviour. There are three categories which the guide followed; Green, Amber and Red. The guide is specifically related to military content and reducing the risk of sensitive service information being published online. I'm [...]

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Olympic Sports Digital Update Day 5 – Phelps, Visa, Channel 9 & Lolo Jones

Sports Digital Olympic news you may have missed Day 5 - Competition Have you checked out the London 2012 Social Media Dashboard?  You should! How much power do 140 characters have? Are Olympic Organisers wishing these games were a little less social? Keep Calm and Tweet? What approach should athletes take to social media during [...]

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#BODSW is back with #SuperBowl XLVI, Pinterest, and some #Linsanity

Welcome back, again, to Sports Geek's #BODSW. After a hefty break over the summer months while I was following in Sean's footsteps, Excuse the hat, but wouldn't you be wearing it in minus-16 degree weather?! conducting my own #sportsgeektrip in the USA, including watching Green Bay's Matt Flynn throw 6 touchdowns in minus-16 [...]

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LeBron to New York Knicks worth $1bn

From What The Knicks Told LeBron: Come To New York And Make $1 Billion Here is the InterBrand presentation that backs up the numbers that the New York Knicks should be the destination for @KingJames. Perhaps the Knicks could've used this fan photo added to LeBron's Facebook page to the presentation as well? ;)

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Importance of branding your events

Just a quick post to understand the importance of branding your events.  With so many channels available sometimes fundamentals of event branding can get lost. Effective use of team's logos and colour is crucial to your event.  Your fans display their affiliation and pride in your team by wearing your logos & merchandise.  BUILD ON [...]

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AFL “officially” enters iPhone market

The AFL has launched it's "official" iPhone application from the social media chatter we've monitored footy fans are not happy with the pricing of the app at a recurring $6 every 30 days.   Unfortunately for the AFL there is already iPhone applications that provide similar functionality for free  (Footy Lite sponsored by Triple M, Aussie [...]

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Building community via sport

Last night I presented to club presidents at the Southern Football League about the impact social media can have on local sports. It was great to see the passion for the game at grassroots and it will be great creating a strong social media strategy for these clubs. Social media can allow sporting clubs to [...]

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Athlete Twitter fakes!!! Ah who is real?

The issue of athlete identity theft hit the papers again this week regarding fake athlete (AFL) accounts on Twitter.   Last time I spoke about this issue on SEN's The Run Home regarding identity theft on Facebook.   If you want Sports Geek's take on how athletes can handle the problem of online impersonators then check out [...]

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