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Social Media for Good & Sports on @Pinterest from @abcgrandstand

In this ABC Grandstand sports digital segment we looked the positives in social media and how it can be used for good in sports.  Download mp3 Using Social Media for Good Too often the sports social media mistakes or bad boys are profiled but sometimes social media can be used for good. #FindBensKit Late Ben Hollioake's cricket [...]

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Awesome ways sports teams are taking advantage of Pinterest

You've seen how sports are using Facebook. You follow your favourite teams on Twitter and see how they keep fans updated. Now, let's focus on Pinterest. We've already looked at Pinterest in the Best of Digital Sports Weekly (#BODSW), and Sean's discussed it on ABC Grandstand, describing it as, "the Jeremy Lin of Social Media". [...]

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Melbourne Storm Vs Canterbury Bulldogs Social Media #digibattle results

The Melbourne Storm hosted the Canterbury Bulldogs at AAMI Park on Saturday but there was also a #digibattle setting digital fans against each other on Facebook & Twitter. The Build Up Via Website – The #digibattle is ON! Storm V Bulldogs On Facebook   On Twitter Who wants to get #7inarow trending?? #purplepride — Melbourne [...]

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Is the changing media space forcing changes in sports?

In this ABC Grandstand sports digital segment we look at how the changing media is changing sports broadcasting & journalism.  Download mp3 Is media consumption changing sports media? After a discussion off-air in previous week's Francis & I discussed how the changes to the digital media is now changing the way we consume sports. Media is shortening [...]

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Storm Vs Bulldogs in a #digibattle

The Melbourne Storm are 6-0 and are facing a tough challenge against the Canterbury Bulldogs on Saturday night at AAMI Park. To spice things up they'll be firing up the digital battle for their fans with over 220,000 Facebook fans, 20,000 Twitter followers between them we expect the action online will be as fierce as [...]

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Ben Polis, Jason Misfud & Surfing Tweeps

In this ABC Grandstand sports digital segment we looked at the PR disaster that is Ben Polis & the spin around Jason Misfud. Download mp3 Ben Polis... Don't Blame Facebook Here is a Storify recap of the Ben Polis story. Moral to the story: Don't be a dickhead on social media, you WILL be found out. [...]

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Facebook Timeline: Another 21 Reviews

Facebook Timeline has taken the world by storm. With it's official release just a week old now, we've already reviewed 42 sporting teams and personalities and how they've implemented Timeline. Today, let's have a look at the next wave of adopters and what updates our early adopters have made. The New Pittsburgh Penguins The NHL's Pittsburgh [...]

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