World Cup, Blackhawks, NHL Beards & Fev #bodsw

Best of Digital Sports World – Ronaldo Edition 7

Apologies to Justin Bieber but for the next 31 days you won’t be the number 1 topic on the Internet.  That position will be held by the FIFA World Cup. (Bucket List: Mention Justin Bieber in a blog post. Completed)

Here is @Mashable‘s guide to following the World Cup on Twitter.  The easiest way is to use #worldcup hashtag and follow soccer tweeps to chat about games as they happen.

Best digital representation of the World Cup schedule (pictured), click around & bookmark it!

Great work from the guys @Activ8Social with the Rajon Rondo’s #LooseBall Scavenger Hunt combining Foursquare, Twitter & Facebook the social media triple-play.

An interesting opposing view on the NBA Finals “Don’t watch the NBA Finals!”

Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup.  Great exposure for sponsor Van Kampen Investments on the Blackhawks website, simple but very effective!

Great research from @TimBull from Tribalytic on the AFL’s hashtag strategy, I’ve been discussing this one with Tim for a while, great to see some data to back it up.  Shows the power leagues like the @AFL have in shaping the conversation on Twitter!

Welcome to Twitter – Brendan Fevola

Love seeing new athletes join Twitter, didn’t think I’d see this guy anytime soon….

Can’t believe how quick you are all jumping on board. Will try get some of the other boys on too. ThanksWed Jun 09 08:01:05 via Twitterrific

Please Fev be careful with the Twitpics ;)

Best On Ground

Great promotion by @NHL over the playoffs with Beard-a-thon, great connection with a sponsor King of Shaves as well as connecting with hockey fans to raise money!  WIN-WIN-WIN

Continuing the World Cup theme…

Dennis Hopper, Amare, Celtics & Foursquare #BODSW

Inventive way to see where NBA stars landEdition 6 of #BODSW

NBA is stepping things up with the NBA Finals starting today.

  • Getting creative setting up a Twitter account for the matchup @CELTICSvLAKERS
  • Setting up a The Finals app on their Facebook page to play highlights from the NBA Finals Archive.
  • Shout Go Lakers or Go Celtics in Foursquare to get a Lakers or Celtics badge.
  • Providing a Twitter Mashup at

ESPN having a little fun with the upcoming NBA Free Agent market with the Free Agent Slot Machine.

Sports technology expanding it’s reach with the NFL’s replay technology being adopted by the military help monitor battlefields in Afghanistan. (Link no longer valid, thanks Yahoo)

Are you ready for the World Cup? Is your iPhone?  The New York Times review World Cup apps that will help you track all the news.

Want to be a sponsor of a successful team? Get on board early don’t expect to jump on the bandwagon just when the good times start.  Just ask the NHL’s Philly Flyers their playoff run has them with happy sponsors and a waiting list!

Super Swarms are the next big thing in Foursquare with a 332 people checking in at a Conan O’Brien show.  Look for Foursquare to keep things interesting by setting bigger targets.

In case you missed it, here are 5 mistakes you need to avoid on Twitter.

Congrats to  Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom winning the Name of the Year competition.

Worst On Ground

It was great to see Amare Stoudamire win Best on Ground in last week’s edition but this week he (or his team) made the mistake of the automated blog post.  Adding a note to his fans that was obviously written before Game 5 but it was posted after the Western Conference Finals had finished.  (Phoenix lost)

Perhaps Amare needs some Sports Geek help? Try Social Media Athlete Training.

Best On Ground

This week’s Best On Ground goes to Kathleen Hessert for this tweet, are you ready for this game changer?

Video(on-demand & Internet) will be 91% of global consumer online traffic by ’14 says Cisco. Get ready sports properties & media companiesWed Jun 02 13:34:31 via web

YouTube Clip of the Week

Remembering Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers… RIP

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#WriteTheFuture, Foursquare Search, Amare & Steele

New form of Athlete endorsement?

Edition 5 of #BODSW, welcome to SportsGeek V2.0, what do you think?

Socceroos left for South Africa this week but it was a their Facebook page getting praise gaining 30K+ fans via #WriteTheFuture campaign. (Hat tip to @bryonycole)

Digital and social media pose biggest challenge, admits FC Barcelona CMO “We want to be pioneers in football.  This is our core business.  But we have to look what other elements interests our fans and our members.  And we realise that social networking and digital media, it is important, and we are on that.” (hat tip to @shane_harmon)

It’s always about the balls, Adidas promises more scoring and frustrated goalies at the FIFA World Cup (Thx to @khuda1)

Social Media in Small Business is Anything But Small great advice from @BrianSolis just as relevant for sports team as small business.

A nice study on time spent on social media marketing.  How much time do you spend promoting your sport or team via social media?  It is very easy to fall into “social notworking” mode, that’s why you need a strategy, start with a Sports Geek workshop!

Looking for new ways to look at Foursquare? Try 4sqSearch (via @AdamVincenzini)  While we are talking search you can now search Facebook with logging in at Open Facebook Search

Australian sports fans continue to show support for Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom in the Name of the Year competition last week he beat Charity Beaver, this week it’s the finals against Banana Yaya. Vote now for Steele.

Best On Ground

This week’s Best On Ground goes to Phoenix Suns star Amare Stoudamire not only for his play against the LA Lakers in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals but for leveraging his Facebook fan page to sell playoff tickets to his fans.

From Darren Rovell at Athlete Social Media Value Could Be Realized Through Retail – CNBC

Through a partnership with RazorGator and a technology platform called, Stoudemire is currently selling playoff tickets on his own Facebook page.

YouTube Clip of the Week

Here are some funny sports commercials to liven up your Friday, enjoy!

Got your ticket yet? HUGE lineup with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & Tottenham…

Engaging Fans & Participants in the Digital Age Sydney – Star City – July 13 & 14
Sport is Fantastic 2010 Auckland – Eden Park – July 19 & 20

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Dwayne Wade, Google with IPL & Phil

Edition 3 of #BODSW, around the web…

We Want Wade – great digital campaign by Miami Heat to get fans behind Dwyane Wade to stay in Miami when the NBA’s big free agency scramble begins. Absolutely love the Do’s & Don’t’s for fans.  Expect social media to be big in NBA free agency.

Need more evidence that Google will be a big player in the sports market in the next 5 years? NYTimes reports on how Google scored runs with the IPL & YouTube.

Fox Sports Chairman Davis Hill disagrees saying online streaming of sports may affect TV revenues.  Sorry David, don’t agree with this one as online & mobile streaming offer a great opportunity to reach the fan on the move.

Twitter to open Business Center - Nice move by Twitter to allow business automatically get verified.

Twirdie fun little Twitter game guessing Twitter trends to play golf.

Will LeBron stay in Cleveland?  This will be the biggest story in the NBA this off-season.  Perhaps this jersey will fit?

Social Media & Charities, Facebook Changes & Real Madrid

Edition 2 of #BODSW, lets get cracking…

Harry O’Brien’s open letter to Barack Obama – great example from AFL footballer @Harry_O on how an athlete can use blogging & social media to achieve goals outside sport.  Here’s the Herald Sun’s take on Harry’s request.

NBA using social media to support charities – another way sports can engage fans using social media.

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Recent Announcements – great recap from @GoSam on how you can use the latest Facebook changes for your web properties

Gold Coast – Do you like me? – @GoldCoastFC quick to jump in on the Facebook changes to stir up new fan support for the AFL’s newest team.

Sport selling its soul to big market players – The Times [UK] looks at the money behind sport

How Social Media Is Changing Golf – report from the #140conf held in NYC on impact of social media on the Golf from @jasonpeck

Why you shouldn’t blame YouTube for removing all of those Hitler videos – interesting article on trying to solve the copyright problem that faces sporting leagues & digital rights holders as well as TV & movie studios.

Welcome to Digital Sports World or #BODSW

Friday is always an action packed day on the internetz. There’s #FollowFriday to do on Twitter (What is #followfriday? Here’s my #followfriday) not forgetting the Fan Page Friday a twist on #FollowFriday to share great Facebook pages. So I thought I’d start recapping the week to give you some great links to review with your weekend reading.

Nike #NBA Post-season Twitter Mashup – great way to see the tweets flying around your NBA team (if it made the playoffs that is ping @DetroitPistons)

Major League Baseball bans writers from using Twitter for non-baseball topics – Caused a major storm with MLB fans on Twitter, main problem was MLB didn’t want personal tweets cluttering the MLB twitter stream but most fans thought this approach was a little heavy handed.

Yahoo! boosts UK brand with Premier League rights – interesting to see the web’s big players getting more involved in sports expect this to be BIG in 2010.

Who’s Presenting Your NBA Playoffs? – A great look by @sportsandalatte at the sponsors behind the NBA Playoffs.

Rugby World Cup promotion via FlickrRWC2011 kicking off nice promotion using Flickr

Geolocation is a Game-Changer for Sports Business – Great piece from @GoSam on the work with Gowalla & New Jersey Nets

AFL stadiums, fields and ovals on FourSquare – Some great raw data on Foursquare in Australian sports from @ozziesport after #anzacswarm Unveils Integration With Facebook from @NHL – NHL profiled at Facebook f8 conference they have made huge digital strides in past 18 months.

Social Media Policies in Pro Sports: Q&A with Cleveland Indians PR team – A good behind the scenes look at the Tribe from @djlitten

Facebook Introduces “Suggested Pages” List – Facebook trying to get more fans (or likers) from new signups, interesting to note 30% were sports related via @Activ8Social

Facebook like’s world domination – New FB Like button opened up to all sites (as above (click if you likey)) from @mashable.

Best On Ground

This week’s BOG goes to Peter Robert Casey (@Peter_R_Casey) & Andrew Pawlowski (@pawlow34) who are wandering through the NBA online landscape with their Digital Disciple series.  Great stuff guys, so far they have covered the Nets, TimberwolvesWizards and Kings

YouTube Clip of the Week

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Sports Marketing Conferences

Sports Geek is happy to be announced as a media partner for the Sports Research Group 2010 Conference schedule.

Sport Research Group is Asia Pacific’s home to great sports marketing conferences; after holding three international sport marketing conferences, Rugby is Fantastic ’06 (held in Auckland), Sport is Fantastic ‘08 (held in Sydney) and Sport is Fantastic ‘09 (held in Melbourne).

In 2010, Sport Research Group hosts three more international sport marketing conferences; the Fan & Participant Engagement in the Digital Age conference in Sydney on Tuesday 13 July & Wednesday 14 July; the Sport Leaders Summit; also in Sydney on Tuesday 13 July and Sport is Fantastic 2010 in Auckland on Monday 19 July & Tuesday 20 July.

Sport Research Group has compiled a very impressive lineup of speakers from Europe & USA who have been leading the way in the use of social media & digital marketing in sports.  Check out the international speaker lineup.  More are still be added to the lineup, I will keep you posted.

Sports Geek will be responsible for managing the social media requirements of the conferences as well as running a Sports Social Media Workshop for conference delegates.  Stay tuned for news and promotions around the conference.

Follow @SportConference on Twitter for updates on the conference.

If you want conference updates via Facebook then become a fan.

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Fantasy sports – The first wave of social media?

Recently my inbox was bombarded with emails concerning NBA fantasy trades in my local NBA fantasy competition.  It got me thinking that if social media is defined as connected discussion then the boom of fantasy sports online could be seen as a pioneer in social media.

Like social media, fantasy sports connects people bringing them together over a common interest.  It stimulates off-line meetups like we see on Twitter with tweetups.  Our NBA fantasy competition regularly holds our draft night each year in company board rooms or stadium corporate suites.  Do you meet with your fantasy sports friends IRL (in real life) if so let us know how?

We keep hearing the statistics on how much time people are spending on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.  Fantasy sports is a huge driver of web site traffic as the guys at SuperFooty can attest with SuperCoach.  Not only is there a huge spike in traffic when the teams are announced each Thursday, fans flock to the site for the final match of the round on Sunday to check the progress of their weekly matchup.

On that note there are still spots available in the SuperCoach Twitter League Code 404204 please join in the fun.

What do you think?
Can fantasy sports be regarded as social media?

Why do you play fantasy sports?

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Social media blurring lines for sports information

As blogged previously by Sports Geek slowly teams & media are sitting up and taking notice.

Monitoring of your brand is mandatory to hear what your fans are saying but in some cases also your players.  Conversely, athletes also need to be aware of the impact a tweet or picture on Facebook may have on their image and their club’s image.  Most athlete’s “get it” but for those who don’t there needs to be sports executives monitoring the digital space to protecting the team & league’s brand.

This from Sports Illustrated saying the tweets shared by NBA players may be crucial in monitoring the big free agent class of 2010.

Social networking will influence the free-agent market this summer. So promises a league insider with an extended background in college basketball.

“In the old days, teams used to control players,” he said. “Now the teams have lost that control, to the point that the NBA had to put in rules that players are not allowed to use Twitter at halftime. The thing with these players, their lifestyles revolve around technology. They want instant information.

“You’re now dealing with kids who think that anything you do or say is public. To them it is public, because they all communicate with each other.”

This week, the Celtics dealt with a half-day of speculation that Pierce was out for the year after teammate Shelden Williams posted a Twitter message that suggested bad news was on the way. As a result, the Celtics rushed out a news release late at night diagnosing Pierce as day-to-day with a sprained foot. “They don’t think about the rules or privacy when they use Twitter,” the league insider said. “The Celtics don’t want the opposition to know if Pierce is injured, but Williams didn’t think about what he was doing to the Celtics; he just did it.

“Twitter has become a broadcasting network for athletes. Around July 1, there is going to be so much tweeting among the free agents, and all of these guys will be communicating with each other, and if you don’t think they’re going to be telling each other about the offers they’re getting, then you’re crazy. It’s going to be the summer of instant information, and it’s going to change the whole market, because everybody will know what kind of money is out there and what each team is trying to do.

“If I were a GM, I’d hire two or three kids from college and have them scour the Internet every day to find out what’s being said by who. If you want to know what’s going on, that’s how you can find out.”

If you want to see what athletes are tweeting then follow our list – Athletes Who Tweet.  Are we missing your fave athlete who tweets? Let us know at @_SportsGeek_.


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Working with League brands

One of the biggest challenges many teams face is differentiating themselves whilst adhering league brand guidelines.  It was a common theme with the teams I met with on #sportsgeektrip.

Many leagues across the globe follow a similar digital model.  League web sites are developed and team web sites are created under the league umbrella.,, are some examples of these Leagues that follow this “Umbrella model”.
(*edit thanks for comment: Essendon stand alone as an exception running independently of the AFL very successfully with

If you take a look at team websites e.g. LA Dodgers Vs New York Yankees or Collingwood Vs Hawthorn you’ll see some team customization but they are locked into a League framework.  The NBA follows a similar model but teams are using custom landing pages (or splash pages like the Mavs do) to offer fans special deals.

Other leagues like the & have decoupled the League’s web deal from the teams.

What’s better?

The “Umbrella model” makes administration of League branding much easier and sometimes can lead to a better sponsorship deal as it is league-wide.  However, it can be restrictive both creatively and financially to the teams who want to push the Web 2.0 envelope.  From a technical prospective a league wide CMS (content management system) does reduce the need for in-house web staff for teams but many people who use these systems find them too restrictive.  Leagues that abandon the “Umbrella model” face the problem of a potentially creating a tech gap between the have and have-nots.  Some teams like those run by MSG (Knicks, Rangers, Liberty) help promote their teams outside the standard team’s sites through the stadium (, then again with so many sports properties MSG is a unique business.

What are your thoughts?

  • Does the ability for league’s to secure deals outweigh a team’s desire to innovate?
  • Would teams do a better job if they could go it alone?
  • Would small-market teams struggle maintaining own website?

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