Nike, ESPN, Aker & World Cup

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Edition 4 of #BODSW, wow 4 straight weeks thanks Jerry Seinfeld – “Don’t break the chain”.

Nike goes Viral in April – how Nike is taking a different approach in social media using their vast stable of athletes to promote the Nike brand via YouTube. Hat tip to @activ8social

How engaged are Australia Twitter users? – Great stats on Twitter users and how they are using Twitter from the team at @Tribalytic, keep an eye on these guys.

London 2012 announce new mascots – Wenlock & Mandeville – two one-eyed steel creatures, borne out of the steel used for the Olympic Stadium in east London – hardly cuddly.

Are Facebook Like Buttons Wrong or Right For Your Site? – A recap of the how & why Facebook buttons may or may not work with your site, good read from @problogger.

Pat Coyle aka @sports20 has a nice mashup presenting a Twitter following/Facebook fan ladder across all US sports updated every 12 hours, now numbers are not everything in social media but sports is competitive so people love ladders.

ESPN working on a Foursquare style app – Will it work? ESPN Passport hasn’t caught on yet have they missed the geo-location boat?

From the “Hey, that’s cool pile” you can now read the news from your tweeps using – Feel free to read what my followers are reading –

Worst On Ground

After awarding a Worst on Ground instead of BOG to Phil Mickelson I’ve decided to create this as a permanent feature as you cannot go past Western Bulldogs footballer Jason Akermanis. Aker caused a major stir with his article “Stay in the closet, Jason Akermanis tells homosexuals” he then followed up on radio & TV interviews. The backlash was evident in social media with Facebook groups & fan pages springing up to deride Aker’s views. On Twitter we saw #akermanis trend and the story was picked up globally by the likes of Deadspin. It was a good lesson in understanding how the social platforms can work against you as much as for you, I’m sure the AFLPA (@AFLPAToday) now have a better understanding of this after they prompted the article from Akermanis.

Best On Ground

Great article from Marketing Week “Where dreams of global goals are made…” looking at strategies that brands will take to best leverage their partnership with the FIFA World Cup. Coke, Visa, Castrol & Tesco all featured.

YouTube Clip of the Week

Here is what happens when you introduce AFL footballers to impro, you end up flapping your arms on national TV. ;)

Thanks to @Harry_O & @ImproMelbourne.

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Got your ticket yet? HUGE lineup with speakers from Real Madrid, NBA & Tottenham…

Engaging Fans & Participants in the Digital Age Sydney – Star City – July 13 & 14
Sport is Fantastic 2010 Auckland – Eden Park – July 19 & 20

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Sports, social media & impro…

or How to create engaging social media content in sports…

Brad goalI am lucky enough to learn Impro from the talented group at Impro Melbourne (@ImproMelbourne). Impro is all about creating something (a story/scene) from nothing or at least very little.  In impro workshops we are taught different techniques and games in telling stories.  One of these games is called Action, Colour, Emotion where the one person tells a story to a partner.  The partner listening to the story calls for more action, more colour or more emotion to reflect what they want to hear in the story.

You can apply this same game to identify the social media content produced by sports teams.

Action Updates

Action – keep the story moving, don’t get stuck in the same place.

Keeping your fans up to date with your sport is a goal of you social media plan (You do have a plan don’t you? If not contact Sports Geek) these updates are staple of sports communications but fans expect more than just news clippings & score updates.

Colour Updates

Colour – description required, give me more in-depth detail.

Fans love finding out the news they don’t normally get from newspapers or sports radio reports.

What do fans want?  These example may seem minor but not to the fans.

  • Updates on player injuries
  • Notice when players or coaches will be appearing in media
  • Changes to team lineup
  • News when team in on the road

Emotion Updates

Emotion – tell us how you’re feeling in the story we want to feel it too.

Emotion may be the toughest to convey via a tweet or a status update but it connects with your team with fans the most.  It may be a simple as a picture shared of the team in celebration after a big win or an empty locker room after a disappointing loss.  The fan feels the elation with winning & pain of losing sometimes moreso than the players, social media allows them to share that passion.

Did we get the puck in the net?

OK I got caught up in the Canada-USA gold medal game.

Next step is to track which content hits home the most that way you like the impro game you’ll find out what the listener (your fans) want to hear more in your social media content.

What do you track?

  • Replies/Comments – How many fans responded directly to you content with support or questions?
  • Retweets or Shares – How many fans promoted your message to support the team?
  • Traffic – How many views or visitors did you receive from each kind of message?

Need help tracking your social media response?  At Sports Geek we can assist you in tools & techniques to use to give you the information you need quickly.

Additionally I can’t recommend Impro Melbourne enough, do yourself a favour and check out a show or workshops.

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