How to use – video chatting service reviewed

Saw this from Gary V this morning

Jumped into and gave it a test drive with mixed results but you can see how it works & how it might develop.

Who knows you might event run into Mark Zuckerburg?

For more on the guys behind Airtime (Sean Parker & Shawn Fanning) read this from TechCrunch.

What are your thoughts on Airtime?  Yay or Nay?

RT recap of @SportConference

Attendees at Star City watch on at #scauAfter being inspired by the speakers at #scau & #scnz you are back at work full of enthusiasm to tackle the world of sports digital marketing.

Need a little refresher? Here are tweets from the @SportConference Twitter feed (powered by @SportsGeekHQ) you liked so much you retweeted them.

What is a retweet?

According to @BrianSolis

ReTweet (RT) means many things – endorsement, a form of social currency (now you owe me), appreciation, curation, appreciation…

A RT is a great way to share a great link or information from someone you are following with your Twitter followers.  Retweets are the mechanism by which information can go viral on Twitter.  Sometimes all it takes is 5 simple letters to get a RT —> pls RT.

@SportConference Greatest Tweets from #scau & #scnz

@SportConference Here is a Facebook social Graph in action from the @hornets (hat tip to @kc_TMBO) #scnz Tue Jul 20 08:35:15 2010 via TweetDeck
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Kirsten CorioShane Harmon

@SportConference Athletes Are Gaining More Control Over Their Brand And Marketing feat @wolvescmo from #scau #scnz Mon Jul 19 15:24:27 2010 via bitly
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Scott Maxworthy

@SportConference Driver for was to provide a safe haven for passionate @pdxtrailblazers fans before Facebook #scnz Mon Jul 19 12:43:59 2010 via TweetDeck
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Sports Geek
@SportConference #scnz @AFL reduced churn by improving customer service from 22% to 12% Mon Jul 19 12:12:41 2010 via TweetDeck
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Paul Templeman

@SportConference #scnz up next is @seancallanan from @_SportsGeek_ coming in at first drop talking Social Media in Sports Mon Jul 19 09:18:55 2010 via Twitter for iPhone
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Shane Harmon

@SportConference Facebook advertising tool been very cost-effective to grow RWC fan base… Especially using a Video engagement Reach block advert #scnz Mon Jul 19 08:53:45 2010 via TweetDeck
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Dan Harbison

@SportConference Key Visitor Reqs – No Queues, Clear Signage, Buy what I want not what you’ve got for sale, Access to info, Swift customer services #scau Wed Jul 14 14:08:35 2010 via TweetDeck
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Fat Paddler

@SportConference Seattle Sounders launched digital strategy to give fan club ability to vote on GM’s job #scau Wed Jul 14 10:15:40 2010 via TweetDeck
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Shane Harmon

@SportConference Up now Paul Barber from Vancouver Whitecaps FC @vancouvermls #scau Wed Jul 14 09:13:24 2010 via TweetDeck
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Steven Bradley

@SportConference Thx for joining the conversation on #scau today…. We wish we could give you all free tacos #nextyearwepromise More great #sportsbiz tmrw Tue Jul 13 16:55:30 2010 via TweetDeck
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nick brownSports Geek

@SportConference RT @theunionjack: Great stuff from @kc_TMBO on how NBA partners are working with clubs to build digital brand equity and ROI #scau Tue Jul 13 16:21:39 2010 via TweetDeck
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Scott Maxworthy

@SportConference “To be where the users is, using the channels the users uses” Pedro from @RealMadrid Tue Jul 13 13:54:39 2010 via TweetDeck
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Back 9 NetworkDennis Allen

@SportConference Pedro discussing @realmadrid – Developing a Golbal Mobile Strategy #scau Tue Jul 13 13:50:51 2010 via TweetDeck
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Back 9 Network

@SportConference RT @ZOVAfootball: Wise and welcoming #alistairgray good goverence doesn’t win gold medals… So what does? Great Leadership! #scau Tue Jul 13 11:41:33 2010 via TweetDeck
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nick brownAusLeisure

@SportConference Alistair talking about Cathy Freeman’s 4 Pillars of success – Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit #scau Tue Jul 13 11:41:05 2010 via TweetDeck
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Scott Maxworthy

@SportConference Video is key to content strategy to build emotional connection with fans with @rugbyworldcup #scau Tue Jul 13 10:34:57 2010 via TweetDeck
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Scott Maxworthynick brown

@SportConference Secure your Vanity URLs on as many platforms as possible, you never know which one may take off #scau 10:25 AM Jul 13th via TweetDeck
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Scott Maxworthy
Scott Maxworthy
@SportConference Digital assets will be handed over for next @rugbyworldcup building on the fan base #scau 10:21 AM Jul 13th via TweetDeck
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Sports Geek


Thanks to everyone who retweeted and joined the conversation at the conference, next year we promise to provide wi-fi at both venues ;)
Why not share content provided by attendees of the conference?  You can find them all here on the Attendees list.   If you’re not listed let us know in the comments.


One more thing, pls RT

5 Twitter mistakes to avoid

As more and more people, brands, sports teams & leagues hop aboard the Twitter train I continue to see the same mistakes being made.

5. The Not Reply – @TwitterHandle will be making an BIG announcement!

This became an issue when Twitter changed the manner by which we see people’s replies (or @) on Twitter.  Now you only see a reply if you follow both Twitter accounts.

Therefore the tweet below from @GoldCoastFC would have been only seen by followers of @GoldCoastFC AND @KarmichaelHunt. Understandable there may be a big overlap between the two but why take the chance?  Adding “Welcome” at the start of the tweet would have ensured ALL @GoldCoastFC followers would have seen the tweet.  It should be noted further tweets and RTs did mention @KarmichaelHunt so GCFC fans definitely knew about it.

@karmichaelhunt first official GCFC media appearance! More pics and video to come soon. May 31 02:06:33 via Twitpic

4. Twooshes or long tweets

Call me old-fashioned but I like the “old” RT method, that’s right something from 12 months ago is now old!  The “old” (or “Edit then Retweet” in TweetDeck) method allows you to add your comments before the RT.

If all your tweets are twooshes or too close to 140 characters you maybe losing RTs from people who want to pass it on with their short comment attached.  Keep it short and allow people to ADD to the conversation like below.

Wow… Smart strategy! RT @Peter_R_Casey @Brendanmeyer: i love how @gatorade bought keyword Powerade on google (via @SportConference)Mon May 31 13:06:25 via Twitterrific

Sports Geek Tip: Check out to see how many twooshes you have. (I’ve had 175, as sometimes the opposite is true and you don’t want that comment ;) )

3. Lck vwls 4 140 chrs

If you can’t fit it into 140 characters without using vowels or butchering the English language then it shouldn’t be a Tweet!  Write a blog post!

Twitter teaches you to be direct & succinct, it can be said in 140 characters if you just think a little.

Don’t even get me started about, laziness!

2. Auto Direct Messages

Unfortunately, this seems to be a staple of internet marketers but more and more I am seeing others be sucked into using the Auto DM.

Firstly, it is completely impersonal and secondly it’s rude when they don’t follow back and you can’t reply!  I know a LOT of people who immediately unfollow any account that sends an Auto DM.  You’ve been warned!

Sports Geek Tip: By the way if you want to stop most of them you can follow these instructions to opt out  from SocialOomph who send most of them!

1. Broadcasting not conversing

This is the main issue with most brands, leagues or teams on Twitter is the lack of conversation.  They promote the “Join the Conversation” tag line of Twitter but do not LIVE it.

You do need a strategy in place to understand why you are on Twitter and how you want to interact with fans but you should be polite to reply to simple customer service questions.

Look at the simple chart the US Airforce uses to manage blog comments which could easily adapted to Twitter replies. (hat tip to @georgiawatson)

Sports Geek Tip: Don’t have a strategy in place? You should start with a Sports Geek Workshop.

What Twitter mistakes have you learned from?