Connected Real Madrid, LeBron & KD & Google+ Brandjacking

Welcome to another huge week of #BODSW. This week, we’re bringing you some great developments from Real Madrid, LeBron James, Kevin Durant (again), and much, much more. Without further ado, here is this week’s edition of #BODSW.

Real Madrid fans to be connected

We start in Spain at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The La Liga super club is set for a European first, as they plan to activate a new, high density Wi-Fi system in the stadium that fans can use while watching Real strut their stuff.

NBA Stars turn YouTube stars?

Over to the United States now, with NBA superstars Kevin Durant and LeBron James utilising social media throughout the NBA lockout to stay engaged with fans and grow their personal brands. The duo have started a webcast entitled, “Striving for Greatness”, where the two work out together to improve their games for whenever the NBA gets past it’s labour dispute.

Stay tuned on LeBron James YouTube Channel for more episodes.

Twitter & journalism

Hitting social media now, with Poynter publishing a brilliant read about journalists, Twitter, and the professional dangers associated with retweeting. Definitely worth a read, even if just to pick up tips about Twitter etiquette.

Aussies web stats

If stats are your thing, check out the ABS’ latest work on internet activity in Australia, with some great numbers coming out regarding the availability of broadband internet in Australia.

Google+ & Brandjacking

We look at Google+ next, with an article about fake pages, like the ones we see on Twitter, with TPM having published a story about a fake Google+ page for Bank of America, that has been set up and is trashing one of America’s largest companies.

Best on Ground

BOG this week is the giant video wall where people can try and match the speed of the New York City marathoners for 60 yards, just to see the amazing speeds that these professional marathoners can sustain for some 26.2 miles.  Do you think you can keep up with Ryan Hall?

Video of the Week

NFL linebackers are a special, violent breed of footballer. Not many are better at what they do that the Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware. Check out the super slo-mo video of, “The Anatomy of a Sack”, brought to you by Red Bull.

#BODSW – Best of Digital Sports World compiled with the help of @Dion_Anthony

#QantasLuxury when hashtags attack

Social media provides brands with a terrific way to engage and listen to your fans & customers. Many sports teams and brands have had success running Twitter promotions using hashtags with varying success.

As they say “Timing is everything”, unfortunately for Qantas a simple tweet has backfired terribly.

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When hashtags go wrong ;) #highjacked RT @QantasAirways: Tell us ‘What is your dream luxury inflight experience?’ #QantasLuxury.Tue Nov 22 01:02:47 via Tweetbot for iPhone

Have a look at what is being said right now

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We’ve saved some of the best from Twitter Search, but it looks like it might stay for a while…
When hashtags go wrong...

Not forgetting the Fail Whale adaptation from @kellulz
 Dear @QantasAirways Here is a picture that best describes #Q... on Twitpic

#YouTube140 – Google+ Brand pages

In this week’s #YouTube140 project we look at how sports teams are adapting to the roll out of Google+ Brand Pages.

Find us on Google Plus –
Please let us know if your sports team has joined Google Plus we are circling as many as we can.

How do you think Google+ will impact the sports digital & social media landscape?

The Plusses of Google+, Advice for Twitter, Facebook engagement & #BODSW

This week’s #BODSW has a look at Google+, Twitter ‘custody’, and the keys to engaging fans on Facebook. Let’s roll.


Sports Geek has had a Google+ page for a while now,  so with the platform starting to grow, we thought it would be a good time to show a circle of teams that are on Google+ and are trying to advance their social media reach and create better sponsorship activation.

As we know, Google+ has taken a while to get off the ground, but Peter Stringer, the Director of Interactive Media for the Boston Celtics, has written a great blog about why Google+ brand pages could be more important than a team’s Facebook page. Jim Stewart also echoes Stringer’s thoughts, weighing in on the importance of Google+ in the social media landscape.

Here’s a link to some pretty cool Google+ pages. If you aren’t already on Google+, do yourself a favour and sign up!

Twitter custody

With so many businesses around the world tweeting to grow their businesses, the question must be asked, who gets the Twitter account there is a parting of ways between business and Tweep? Ars Technica have a great read on this exact situation.

Sports Geek’s take: Branded accounts should remain part with sports teams but the personal accounts of those powering them should remain with the staff member.  Better for the team to develop a fan base around a membership account like @ManlyMembership or @SSFCMembership rather than an actual person.

Facebook: Engagement is key

Marketers and advertisers know the key to good business is engaging your customers, building brand resonance and creating a lasting bond  between the business and the consumer. Evidently, the same principles apply to Facebook, where digital business consultant Oscar Ugaz says fan engagement is absolutely key to running a successful sporting Facebook page.

Facebook Mobile: 480 is the magic number

Ever been on Facebook mobile, looked at a picture posted by one of your favourite teams and the picture they’ve posted is too small to see? Well, small mobile pictures should be a thing of the past. Here at Sports Geek, we’ve done some testing to find the exact dimensions where the photo will be large and attractive when seeing it on Facebook mobile. Check out the latest episode of #YouTube140 to see how it all works.

Best on Ground

This week the BOG goes to Tim Bull & Alex Dong founders of who were recently acquired by AVOS the new owners of Delicious.

Tim & Alex helped us make Sports DP a reality & we wish them all the very best going forward.

We’d tell you how awesome is but you can’t sign up for it anymore, but look out for a new & improved Delicious as a result.

Video of the Week

This week’s video is the amazing construction of a basketball court and stands on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson, which was the site of the NCAA basketball game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Michigan Spartans. Well worth a watch.

Sports Geek Networking Night

So there we have another edition of Best of Digital Sports World aka #BODSW! Make sure you’ve got your ticket to the Sports Geek Network Night (#SGNN), which will be held this Thursday, November 17th.  For all the details and to buy your ticket, please click here.  We have a good group of #digidport tweeps attending, if you can’t make it be sure to listen to Ed Wyatt & Francis Leach on Aussie Digital and who will be calling the game.

Best photo size for Facebook mobile

We’ve done some testing at Sports Geek HQ (hat tip to @Dion_Anthony) to find out what is the best photo size for Facebook Wall posts.

If you look at your Facebook stream on your mobile (go on look right now, we’ll still be here), many of the wall posts are quite small but occasionally you see one that is huge by comparison.

Watch the latest episode from the #YouTube140 project to find out how.

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Please let us know if your sports team has joined Google Plus we are circling as many as we can.

Manchester United, President’s Cup, FC Barca and Kevin Durant’s Football Foray

We’ve got some great stories coming at you in this week’s Best of Digital Sports Weekly, with stories coming from cricket, golf, soccer and the Tweet heard ’round Oklahoma. Let’s go.

Manchester United unveil new social media platform. Wait, no they don’t

We’ve seen some contrasting stories regarding football giant Manchester United and their entry, or non-entry, into a new social media space. England’s Marketing magazine released an article last week, Manchester United is building its own branded global social network and media outlet, with the aim of targeting its international base of an estimated 350m supporters.reporting that Manchester United will build it’s own branded global social network, with the aim of targeting its international base of supporters, which is an estimated 350 million people strong.

The next day, however, the club released a statement saying this wasn’t the case, as reported by Sports Pro Media.

President’s Cup & Social Media fans

Back home we have The Australian reporting that fans who attend the upcoming Presidents Cup tournament, which starts on November 14th, will be banned from tweeting, emailing  or posting anything from the tournament onto social media.

To the contrary, the Presidents Cup official Facebook page has cleared up this misbelief with a statement on their Facebook page.

To keep up with all the action from the Presidents Cup when it kicks off, follow @PresidentsCup on Twitter.

Doug Bollinger could find himself in hot water

Staying in the same category of “illegal” communications, Australian fast bowler Doug Bollinger found himself in hot water recently, being spotted using an iTouch iPod during Australia’s one-day match against South Africa.

With the use of telecommunications devices during matches banned since match-fixing scandals in 2000, and with the current issues the ICC has had with recent match-fixing, the timing of Bollinger’s story could be better.

Even though iPod’s are allowable under the ICC’s regulations, the fact that the device can access the internet, emails and other communication channels, Bollinger could face some harsh penalties from the ICC if they find that his use of the iTouch iPod contravenes any of their regulations.

Chicago Cubs: How to use social media effectively

Ending this weeks #bodsw on a positive note now, with a guest post on Social Media Club on Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs.

Written by the Cubs’ PR and marketing specialist, Kevin Saghy (@CredibleKev), the post explores how the Cubs, using the Twitter handle of @CubsInsider, are doing the right thing in both their social media space offline to create lasting connections with their fan base. A great read that really sums up why sporting organisations need great people running their digital marketing departments correctly.

Best on Ground

Best on ground this week is FC Barcelona with their great new YouTube involvement. As reported on Digital Football, approximately 93,000 people tuned in to watch the Spanish super club unveil their new training facility. Barca became the the first club to utilise YouTube for a major live press event, earning them this week’s B.O.G.

Video of the Week

VOW this week goes to Oklahoma City Thunder forward, Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5). The 2-time NBA Scoring Champion, bored due to the NBA lockout, tweeted his followers, asking for a game of flag football. Answering the young superstar was Oklahoma State student George Overbey (@groverby), who invited him to go play with him and his team, which KD did, leading to this wonderful footage below which could easily be used to point out all the pros about using a Twitter account!

Sports Geek Network Night

Have you bought your ticket for the Sports Geek Network Night, to be held in conjunction with the Melbourne Aces? If not, and you want to come along and take it some baseball while relaxing with other like-minded people, grab your tickets here.

That’s it for another week of #bodsw. Hopefully you enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week’s instalment.

Tickets for the Networking Night on the Thursday 17th November are available now!  Come down are network while watching the Melbourne Aces take on the Brisbane Bandits.

Ticket are only $10 so why not enjoy taking in some sport instead of working at the game like you usually do.

#YouTube140 Project – Episode 2 – Twitter Hashtags

In this week’s episode of the #YouTube140 project we look at Twitter hashtags, tag your tweets #YouTube140 to respond.

What do you think about game day hashtags?

Sports Geek News: Aces Networking Night, Congrats @ManlySeaEagles & @BigBashLeague

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Sports Geek Networking Night – Melbourne Aces

Melbourne Aces play at the Royal Melbourne ShowgroundsSports Geek is going to be hosting a Sports Geek Networking Night on November 17th, being held at the Melbourne Aces ABL Opening Night fixture against the Brisbane Bandits.

Thanks to Aces GM Windsor Knox & Gary Hubbard at the Aces for helping us set up this event for Melbourne’s sports digital community.

Tickets for the Networking Night are available now!  Click here to buy, if you liked the World Series you should check out the ABL entering it’s second season.

Ticket are only $10 so why not enjoy taking in some sport instead of working at the game like you usually do.

Stay tuned for some added extras for attendees to the Sports Geek Networking Night.

Sports Geek in the News

In case you missed it, Sports Geek was in the business section of The Age & Sydney Morning Herald on Friday, September 30th, talking about how sports can leverage social media & connect teams with sports fans.  See how the tweet reviews came in using Storify.

#BODSW is back

Thanks to new staffer at @SportsGeekHQ Dion Bennett (@Dion_Anthony) the Best of the Digital Sports World (AKA #BODSW) is back at

Here is some you may have missed:

Make sure you keep an eye out as he brings you all the latest in the digital sports trends from around the world each week.

Got an article worth adding, send us a tweet tag it #BODSW.

Congratulations to the Manly Sea Eagles, 2011 NRL Premiers

A big shout out to one of Sports Geek’s clients, Manly Sea Eagles, who took out this season’s NRL premiership in impressive fashion over the New Zealand Warriors!  Special congrats to Jessica Ivers (@jivebong) who helped drive the Sea Eagles digital platforms in 2011, she was a vital cog for the Sea Eagles digital community and will be missed by Sea Eagles fans.  We wish her all the best on her new challenge.

Commiserations, too, must go to the Collingwood, who went down to a great Geelong outfit in the 2011 AFL Grand Final.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) there was no #callananshimmy this year.

One more quick note on the NRL and AFL finals; We came very close seeing an All-Sports Geek Grand Final in both codes this year,with clients Collingwood, the West Coast Eagles, Melbourne Storm and Manly Sea Eagles duking it out during the Preliminary finals for a spot on the Grand Final stage.

A brilliant effort from all clubs, and we wish them well for Season 2012.

KFC T20 Big Bash League

New Sports Geek client - @ThunderBBL on TwitterNot long now until the Big Bash League kicks off. Sean presented at the Big Bash League teams at Cricket Australia’s Digital Day last week to help give all the teams a kick start in developing fan bases via social media for this exciting competition. Have a look at how all the teams are faring in the race for social media fans.

Sports Geek is currently working with the Sydney Thunder and we are excited to work with brand new franchise with another Sports Geek client ANZ Stadium to call home.   Expect to be #thunderstruck!

@MCG_News is now @MCG

Sports Geek secures new Twitter handle for MCG

Links we like

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Facebook Power users are switching over to Google+ and Twitter

How Facebook affects College students

More Facebook friends linked to bigger brain areas

How location-based services can put businesses on the map

Fave Tumblr Post

FB Fan Counter

March 2011 – 319,180
June 2011 – 478,450
August 2011 – 733,492
October 2011 – 903,757
2011 Target – 1,000,000

Steve Nash, the New York City Marathon, and Manchester City’s digital dreams

Alright, folks. It’s that time of the week, again, where we take a look at the biggest stories from the sports digital world, to see what the new trends are. Are you ready?

Moving on to digital marketing now, with a quick look at Phoenix Suns point guard, Steve Nash. The two-time NBA MVP and budding marketing maven is making strides in the digital marketing world.  The co-owner of marketing group Consigliere, Nash is as in-touch with the digital marketing age as he is with the Suns’ offensive playbook, and offers some great insights into the future of digital marketing with an interview with Jeff Beer of Canadian Business.

We start in New York City this week, with the Sports Business Journal reporting that the New York Road Runners have recently launched two smartphone applications for the New York City Marathon, which is being held on November 6th. The first app, which will costs buyers $2.99, will track participants during the race on a map and includes live video from the NBC4 New York telecast. Alternatively, the free app provides race updates and photos.

Staying in the United States in our next story, with USA Swimming. The United States’ governing body for swimming has developed a new digital platform and phone application that allows swimmers to track their progress, set goals and earn patches on Facebook for accomplishing their in-pool goals.  With the organisation already having 280,000 members, it won’t be long until sponsors jump on board the application, making it worthwhile of a spot here on BODSW.

It’s back home with the last story now, as we look at Sports Geek’s newest venture, the #YouTube140. The brainchild of our very own Sean Callanan, the YouTube 140 series will, in 140 seconds, tell you all you need to know about your digital marketing strategies. But, don’t take my word for it, let Sean tell you about it!

Best on Ground

This week’s best on ground goes to the league-leading Manchester City. Winning on- and off-field, the Citizens are blazing quite the trail in the digital sports world with ‘clever’ membership cards.

Brought to our attention through the guest post by Stephen Cleary, the Clever Card, once held up to a computer’s webcam, will unlock great videos and 3D images for viewers, with one special card having a Willy Wonka-style ‘golden ticket’ attachment.

It’s a clever (no pun intended) new scheme by City, and one that is sure to catch on with many clubs in the near future.

Video of the Week

Video of the Week this week belongs to the Big Shaqtus, talking about his love for social media. One of the greatest centres to ever wear an NBA uniform, Shaq has fully embraced social media and has some interesting points about how to use these platforms as a branding tool.

#BODSW was compiled by Dion Bennett follow him on Twitter @dion_anthony